Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Friday, April 5, 2013

Ok, 3 days have gone by.. and it feels like nothing, and then it feels like a very long time.  At least the sun was out today and it's getting warmer! 

2 different customers came by and picked up their quilts today!  Nice to see things going home!  They are so happy to have them done.  One woman had made the first twin bed quilt over 25 years ago, and had just made the second one last year...and I quilted it.  Now the twin beds will finally have matching quilts!

The other woman also had twin bed quilts, that were started by a woman in her 80's...and she finally admitted that she couldn't finish them.  So I got the 2 and both had mostly been quilted, but a little here and some there... I had to go over them and quilt up everything that wasn't quilted, add one thin border on one...and binding on both.  So those are finally done!  The 2 little girls getting them will be happy.

The one in the frame is coming along well.  Got another 4 patch to start cutting out and sewing the top tomorrow.... then the catapillar quilt to hand quilt.  3 more waiting in line, and a kit that has been here for almost 2 years!  It keeps getting moved to the end of the line!  Small one with pumpkin and autumn leaves on it. 

Mine are waiting and seem to be calling for me.!  I want to pick out fabric for the kudzu one!  Something bright and wild.  Why not!!! 

Ok, dr on tuesday and they set up the test yesterday.  You drink that stuff...they hand you 2 - 16 oz bottles of thick gooey stuff to drink, IN 10 MINUTES... now I don't chug anything, and this was as close as I come to it.  I got one down in 5 minutes...and started the second one, when the nurse came in and said that was enough.  Thank you!  Then they watch it go through the small intestines, and I could see the screen.  Interesting.  Looked like a big tangled ball of lumpy yarn....that was moving.  Like the yarn had swallowed the cats.  Well, I hope they know what they were looking at or for.  The nurse said she saw my appendix, ...ok... instead of being down under something, mine is up over it and is long and thin.  My brother had his out years (and years) ago and they had trouble finding his...because it was up higher than it's a family thing.  Anyways, I haven't heard anything and it still feels like the cats are in my gut.  Chasing the frogs around.  It really hurt last night.  They had to push on my stomach to get things to move around so they could get a better picture of different parts... I told them to do what they had to so they could finally figure out what in the world is going on.  And the envelope please.....

No final decision yet.  And here's the weekend.  This always happens to me.  You would think that dr's would give you an answer instead of making you wait all weekend.  If there is some medicine, could you give it to me earlier to help out.  This had started last May 30th, then really kicked in January 10th!!!  Please get movitated...

Ok, so they work as fast as a glacier.  No global warming around them.  I quilt faster than they work!

Sunday we are going to do an Autocross drive...which will be in Dollywood Splash country parking lots.  They set up a course with the orange cones and they time us as we drive around it.  Loads of fun and practice driving fast with no chance of a ticket.  Yes!  I need some fun things to do.  We'll be getting ready for that tomorrow, and I'll do some fun quilting.  Maybe get another one of mine started!!!  I have the Wonky Logs basted.  You know, I saw at least 3 other quilts with that I'd better come up with a different name!

Go out and do something fun this weekend.  Life is just too short not to have fun.  And the sun will be out and the weather wonderful.  Quilt outside!  But have fun!  Patty

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