Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
Have plenty more castles!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

I have a folder in my pictures album that is just for art.  I put things in there that inspire me!  Love the paper and the colors in this hand.  You could do this with fabric or embroidare so easily. 

I love doors.  And hinges from big castle doors.  The design work that goes into these is wonderful.  I can see quilting lines in these.

Could be great in applique!

Oh, and throw in a dragon too.

I did order the quilt magazine back issue that has the pattern for this!!!  I will have to make this one!  The 3 d effect is great! 

And one last door with great hinges! 
People do ask where do you get your ideas.... all over the place!  Let's face it, all things that are man made, it's all art!  The rest is nature.  I guess if I wasn't quilting, I may have designed buildings.  Or done metalwork.  What would you do if you had the chance? 
I think there are creative people and then others who are organizers.  They do overlap.  Creative people have to be somewhat orgainzed.... and organizers have to be creative to keep things straight.  Have you noticed how computers are making all this harder to keep straight?  Every place I seem to go to have said they just got a new computer program or update and no one seems to know how to use them.   I'll wait while they figure it out. I went to secretary college.  Give me someone who has a pencil and an eraser and they will get the job done quicker and better at this point.  And LESS paper! 
So I don't feel bad about having plenty of fabric... They way everyone seems to go through paper, I don't have to appoligize for cutting up fabric.  I end up with pretty things that keep you cozy...not a pile of trash.  Quilters use up the scraps too.  I don't see piles of fabric going to the dump.  No recycle bins for that!
I am getting through these 2 quilts that I have been working on for weeks.  Not much new on the table.  It is driving me nuts.  Every once in a while, I whip out a bag or something small just to have fun making anything.  I need to get a challenge going for one quilt guild.  I just have too many ideas and haven't settled on one.  Then I can cut out that and do it up....
I'm feeling better.  Not completely back to "normal".  What the hell is normal anyways?  I have lost track of that!  I actually helped to mow some of the lawn today... not a smart thing to do.  I used muscles that are now mad at me!  But it was going to rain this afternoon, and the yucky grass was starting to go to seed... so the local guy who helps out lots of people around here, fit the lawn cutting into his schedule.  He's never mowed our lawn before, so I did the push mower around were the riding lawn mower can't go..... and it was steep.  So I'm worn out tonight.  At least it got done. 
Tomorrow is bee!  Need the laughter!  Went to the Norris guild meeting today.  They were making needle cases today.  So I stayed for the meeting and left when that class got started. 
So enjoy the pictures of things.  Think of things that inspire you!

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