Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Saturday, April 20, 2013

I got my camera out while driving back from Thursday Bee and got some pretty shots of the red bud trees while driving along Melton Lake Road.  There are signs "Congested Area Ahead."  Always wanted to get someone standing under the sign about to sneeze.

Red buds are more purple.  The sun was shining on the windshield, so the colors are as good as they should be.

Melton lake was getting ready for more rowing this weekend.  Pretty quiet in these pictures.

A few boats on the trailers here.

And another trailer of boats there on Thursday.

Open water and no cars here yet.... keep going.

The lake is very long and straight.  Just right for the rowing competitions.

The building up there is a resturant with the docks where the races start.

And the road is clear.

Today, my friend and I drove the Dogwood trail in Knoxville around the beautiful gardens!

Tulips are out...

as well as the azaleas!  The colors were gorgeous!

Now here is Melton Lake Road with the rowers all over the place!

Can you see all the teams and boats!

Lots of boats!

And more!

And more

And cars parked everywhere!

And if you look on the water, there is a race going on! 
The weather was cold last night!  Down to 38!  What is going on?  It's getting up to 60 today.  But I can't stand the dip and dives in the temps.  Anyways, had a really great breakfast at the Plaid Apron and then the drive out.  Very relaxing to be with a good friend! 
I have been working on the same couple of quilts... not much to see there.  Seems like you work for ever on the same stuff and then it's suddenly done.  Well, I'm waiting for the sudden part.  The one in the frame, I have 5 blocks left to do and the border along one side. 
Tomorrow, I should go get a few flowers for the pots out front...and do some paper work.  Always paperwork "nagging" at me.... I can only ignor it for so long.  But with my head feeling so fuzzy, I have been hoping to put things off until I feel like I am thinking straighter. 
I did go to Walmart yesterday in the rain... not going to look for flowers then.  And the hair color I use was completely sold out!  Very strange.  Not that many women all have to color their roots at the same time!  But I got some movies and sneakers.... and a couple other things.   Too bad they don't have fabric anymore here in Oak Ridge! 
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So get in there and do something fun! 

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  1. Hey Patty,A friend of mine had problems also with her medication.She took them in the morning,when she changed to taking them in the evening she felt.much better.Don,t know if this can help you too.Thanks for the pictures.We don,t have any tulips yet.Too cold.