Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Got those 2 quilts all done and called the owner.  Another customer will be by to pick up her quilt also... so things are going!  That's such a good sign that I'm getting things done.  Feel like I have not done enough on the one in the frame, but you can't work on everything!

I will start to piece the next 4 patch quilt top this weekend.  And then start to quilt the catapiller quilt in the hoop on the table.  See!  You can do 3 quilts at one time! 

Tomorrow morning is the next medical test.  I drink something yucky while they take x-rays every 10 to 15 minutes....checking out the small intestine.  I sure hope they figure this out soon.  I'm running out of body parts to be tested!  You turn 60 and your warranty runs out. 

Terry is home and he's been great.  Making me laugh all the time. Funny what the dr told me... if things are what he thinks this is...then I may have to have make my intestines happier?  Seems to work, he said!  So you can be mentally depressed or physically depressed.  I never knew that!  I was laughing today...maybe I can get medical marijuana... ?  Can you imagine CVS calling to tell me my prescription is in?  Ha, ha, ha!  "Oh Mrs. medical marijuana is good...I mean, it's in....(snicker)!"  Too funny.  There's a whole line of jokes you can play around with!  Oh well... I have to laugh at things, or it'll all come back like a rubber band snapping!

I down loaded my first movie today!  Er, well, Terry helped me do that.  On to my I Pad... So I will have movies to watch while traveling.  It took over an hour to down load Ghost Protocol which is 2 1/2 hours... Not very fast down load!  I have two more to load, but will wait until I recharge that.

So I'll go to bee if I feel ok after the test... Not sure about all this and being around the girls always helps!  This stuff I have to drink will have berium in what will that do to the septic tank?  Do you think of things like that... I mean... will I set off alarms the next time I fly?  They check me all the time at airports.  What's up with that?  Do I look like someone who doesn't want to live?  Come on.  Terry said he's tired of traveling with me.  They usually pull me over to one side and check something.  Ever been put into a giant plastic box and told to wait!?  That was weird.  They checked my hands for explosives!  Whoa.  I handle cotton.... And that time I forgot to grab my luggage claim check... wasn't a problem at the next airport, but you worry on the whole flight, over the Atlantic!  Another time, they did the pat down and rummaged through my purse.  Now I'm really proud about making my own bags, so I guess they figure I'm hiding something in there beside snacks.  Sorry, just food. 

I was traveling with Mike one time, and we were checked over and over again.  Finally Mike said, why are they checking us again?  And I should have kept quiet, but I blurted out, "to see if we have changed disguises...."  They let us through.  Mike was mad...he said, "I thought you said not to joke around...?"  Well, was it a joke?   Terry was at the New Orleans airport and he's very careful about the weight of his bag.  He brings the same stuff every time to go to and from work.... and the bag weighs 49.5 lbs... the woman put it on the scale(50 is the limit) andit said 49.5, and she charged him for being over weight!  Terry complained...and she took it to 2 other said 51 lbs, and the other said 48... so she said it was over weight and charged him $75!!!  Didn't know that Delta was hurting for money so much!

This time when Terry was changing planes in Atlanta, he had to go to gate F4 which was in the international part of the airport!  Didn't know that Knoxville was international flight!  He had to take the train through the airport and go through customs to get home... I'm telling you.  Flying is just plain difficult now.  Bring your own food.  Carry your own luggage.  Have to take off half your waredrobe and be feltup through the rest... can  you tell I'm worried about traveling later this year!  I practice packing with stuff for 3 weeks of clothing... and if I can't pick up the bag, then it's too heavy.  Never mind the actual weight, cause I can't pick up 50 pounds anyways.  And if you have to carry certain things with you, sometimes that is heavier than the check-in bags anyways. 

Ok, figure into all that, I want to take some needle work.  Now you used to be able to bring llittle sissors... but I got yelled at for that too coming back from seeing Joni in Switerland.  Course they really did have terrorist on a flight 2 or 3 days just before that... so when they have the guns chained to their waist at the gate, hand them anything they want!  Even the chocolate... I will cut out a Hawaiian design to take along.  I can borrow sissors from Enid once we get over there.  They should make the terrorists all carry 50 lb bags through the airports.  They would be too tired to be bad.  Anyone without the heavy bags should be checked!!! 

That's enough ranting.  You can tell when I'm comes out all over the place.  Don't know when I'll get the results, but if they only want me on antidepressants... I'm good!  Could you stand me much more chipper?  I'll drive Terry crazy! 

And now for some sayings that are on my board behind this computor..."Plan to be Surprised!", and "There will be Drama."  Sounds about right!


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