Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Sunday, April 28, 2013

4 days since I last posted!  Just been busy and tired... and quilting.  Helped mow the lawn Wednesday morning and was so tired in the afternoon, that I slept on the couch!  What happened to all the endless energy I used to have!!!!?

Thursday bee was fun.  Not as loud as most times, but the girls are always great to be around.  The quilt that I have been dragging there is a Lone Star that I got the top in an antique store.  It's getting to the end with the quilting and there are some bigger areas that needed something more to hold it together.  So I found a stencil that looks like weaving like a cane chair seat, and I marked the background areas.  More quilting than I had wanted, but it'll look much better. 

It was raining all day yesterday.  My friend, Brenda, came by with her sister.  She's just getting in to quilting and doesn't want to do traditional quilting.  So I was showing her some of my stuff and things in progress...Most of the time, I don't know how something will actually look in the end.  It evolves as I go along.  I like that.  It's a way that many people work too.  And when you are making your own designs, you can't make a mistake....just a creative decision.  Don't worry about will quilt out!

Had a woman call me on friday looking for a hand quilter who works for customers.  She was having trouble finding anyone!  I'm backed up with about 8 quilts for customers right now.  So I gave her a name and if she can't find anyone, then to call me back.  I figure, if she wants to get it done now, it's more important to help her find someone, then to just take it and make her wait months.  So if there are other people out there who will hand quilt for customers, let me know. 

The garden and yard look great this year!!!  YEA!  about time.  Trying to get rid of weeds is terrible.  Most yards have them now.  So why?  When we moved in here 19 years ago, all the lawns looked great.  Not so now.  Even my sister in NH said that the weeds are taking over.  So is this something that is happening because things are warming up?  I hope not. 

Thunder woke me up this morning!  I was planning on sleeping in more, but that always makes me jump.  I guess it's time to get things cleaned and throw in some laundry, then get to the quilting!  Newspaper is late...I love the big Suduko game in today's paper!  And I always try the crossword puzzle, but never finish it.  Trying to keep my brain active... I'm also trying to learn Italian and German for the trip.  I'm not doing great at either, but the Italian seems a bit easier since I took French in high school....3 years with a D average doesn't make it that much easier, but it sounds familiar!

Got to get my ducks in a row...Patty

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