Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
Have plenty more castles!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

4 days since I last posted!  Just been busy and tired... and quilting.  Helped mow the lawn Wednesday morning and was so tired in the afternoon, that I slept on the couch!  What happened to all the endless energy I used to have!!!!?

Thursday bee was fun.  Not as loud as most times, but the girls are always great to be around.  The quilt that I have been dragging there is a Lone Star that I got the top in an antique store.  It's getting to the end with the quilting and there are some bigger areas that needed something more to hold it together.  So I found a stencil that looks like weaving like a cane chair seat, and I marked the background areas.  More quilting than I had wanted, but it'll look much better. 

It was raining all day yesterday.  My friend, Brenda, came by with her sister.  She's just getting in to quilting and doesn't want to do traditional quilting.  So I was showing her some of my stuff and things in progress...Most of the time, I don't know how something will actually look in the end.  It evolves as I go along.  I like that.  It's a way that many people work too.  And when you are making your own designs, you can't make a mistake....just a creative decision.  Don't worry about will quilt out!

Had a woman call me on friday looking for a hand quilter who works for customers.  She was having trouble finding anyone!  I'm backed up with about 8 quilts for customers right now.  So I gave her a name and if she can't find anyone, then to call me back.  I figure, if she wants to get it done now, it's more important to help her find someone, then to just take it and make her wait months.  So if there are other people out there who will hand quilt for customers, let me know. 

The garden and yard look great this year!!!  YEA!  about time.  Trying to get rid of weeds is terrible.  Most yards have them now.  So why?  When we moved in here 19 years ago, all the lawns looked great.  Not so now.  Even my sister in NH said that the weeds are taking over.  So is this something that is happening because things are warming up?  I hope not. 

Thunder woke me up this morning!  I was planning on sleeping in more, but that always makes me jump.  I guess it's time to get things cleaned and throw in some laundry, then get to the quilting!  Newspaper is late...I love the big Suduko game in today's paper!  And I always try the crossword puzzle, but never finish it.  Trying to keep my brain active... I'm also trying to learn Italian and German for the trip.  I'm not doing great at either, but the Italian seems a bit easier since I took French in high school....3 years with a D average doesn't make it that much easier, but it sounds familiar!

Got to get my ducks in a row...Patty

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

I have a folder in my pictures album that is just for art.  I put things in there that inspire me!  Love the paper and the colors in this hand.  You could do this with fabric or embroidare so easily. 

I love doors.  And hinges from big castle doors.  The design work that goes into these is wonderful.  I can see quilting lines in these.

Could be great in applique!

Oh, and throw in a dragon too.

I did order the quilt magazine back issue that has the pattern for this!!!  I will have to make this one!  The 3 d effect is great! 

And one last door with great hinges! 
People do ask where do you get your ideas.... all over the place!  Let's face it, all things that are man made, it's all art!  The rest is nature.  I guess if I wasn't quilting, I may have designed buildings.  Or done metalwork.  What would you do if you had the chance? 
I think there are creative people and then others who are organizers.  They do overlap.  Creative people have to be somewhat orgainzed.... and organizers have to be creative to keep things straight.  Have you noticed how computers are making all this harder to keep straight?  Every place I seem to go to have said they just got a new computer program or update and no one seems to know how to use them.   I'll wait while they figure it out. I went to secretary college.  Give me someone who has a pencil and an eraser and they will get the job done quicker and better at this point.  And LESS paper! 
So I don't feel bad about having plenty of fabric... They way everyone seems to go through paper, I don't have to appoligize for cutting up fabric.  I end up with pretty things that keep you cozy...not a pile of trash.  Quilters use up the scraps too.  I don't see piles of fabric going to the dump.  No recycle bins for that!
I am getting through these 2 quilts that I have been working on for weeks.  Not much new on the table.  It is driving me nuts.  Every once in a while, I whip out a bag or something small just to have fun making anything.  I need to get a challenge going for one quilt guild.  I just have too many ideas and haven't settled on one.  Then I can cut out that and do it up....
I'm feeling better.  Not completely back to "normal".  What the hell is normal anyways?  I have lost track of that!  I actually helped to mow some of the lawn today... not a smart thing to do.  I used muscles that are now mad at me!  But it was going to rain this afternoon, and the yucky grass was starting to go to seed... so the local guy who helps out lots of people around here, fit the lawn cutting into his schedule.  He's never mowed our lawn before, so I did the push mower around were the riding lawn mower can't go..... and it was steep.  So I'm worn out tonight.  At least it got done. 
Tomorrow is bee!  Need the laughter!  Went to the Norris guild meeting today.  They were making needle cases today.  So I stayed for the meeting and left when that class got started. 
So enjoy the pictures of things.  Think of things that inspire you!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Still working on this one,

And this one!

And I planted new flowers into the pots!  That's my gardening for the year.

 I put a new pot of flowers out by the front door...
Here's the backyard!  Love the azaleas!

More azaleas off the deck.

Another shot of the back with the little shed that Terry had built.  Holds all the lawn stuff. 
The dogwoods are blooming and things are getting greener!  Just love this time of the year.  Plenty of work to do outside.... Just going to do little bits at a time.  Would rather be quilting anyways!
Don't feel near as dizzy anymore!  Yea!  So hopefully things have settled with this new medication....
Now to get back to quilting!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

I got my camera out while driving back from Thursday Bee and got some pretty shots of the red bud trees while driving along Melton Lake Road.  There are signs "Congested Area Ahead."  Always wanted to get someone standing under the sign about to sneeze.

Red buds are more purple.  The sun was shining on the windshield, so the colors are as good as they should be.

Melton lake was getting ready for more rowing this weekend.  Pretty quiet in these pictures.

A few boats on the trailers here.

And another trailer of boats there on Thursday.

Open water and no cars here yet.... keep going.

The lake is very long and straight.  Just right for the rowing competitions.

The building up there is a resturant with the docks where the races start.

And the road is clear.

Today, my friend and I drove the Dogwood trail in Knoxville around the beautiful gardens!

Tulips are out...

as well as the azaleas!  The colors were gorgeous!

Now here is Melton Lake Road with the rowers all over the place!

Can you see all the teams and boats!

Lots of boats!

And more!

And more

And cars parked everywhere!

And if you look on the water, there is a race going on! 
The weather was cold last night!  Down to 38!  What is going on?  It's getting up to 60 today.  But I can't stand the dip and dives in the temps.  Anyways, had a really great breakfast at the Plaid Apron and then the drive out.  Very relaxing to be with a good friend! 
I have been working on the same couple of quilts... not much to see there.  Seems like you work for ever on the same stuff and then it's suddenly done.  Well, I'm waiting for the sudden part.  The one in the frame, I have 5 blocks left to do and the border along one side. 
Tomorrow, I should go get a few flowers for the pots out front...and do some paper work.  Always paperwork "nagging" at me.... I can only ignor it for so long.  But with my head feeling so fuzzy, I have been hoping to put things off until I feel like I am thinking straighter. 
I did go to Walmart yesterday in the rain... not going to look for flowers then.  And the hair color I use was completely sold out!  Very strange.  Not that many women all have to color their roots at the same time!  But I got some movies and sneakers.... and a couple other things.   Too bad they don't have fabric anymore here in Oak Ridge! 
*Life Starts Here*
So get in there and do something fun! 

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Last night was the Ritzy Thimbles quilt meeting.  And these women are so creative!  Whether it's small quilts or large ones, they are very productive!  So here's some eye candy from the meeting!  This is the front and the next picture will be the backing.

It's for Elenor.

This one has very gentle colors.  The border will be scalloped.  Curtains for the bedroom will match the border fabric.  I have never done a whole bedroom all coordinated before!

This is soooo colorful!  25 fat quarters make this one.  Very clever!

This was done by a group of weavers.  They each wove a block.  Then she put hers together into a quilt that is reversable.

You can see the woven block from both sides.

This was a quilt top that had been in a family and not finished.  So Nardia finished piecing it and quilted it.

Laura is getting into art pieces!  Excellent.

Another quick pieced quilt.
These women are great when it comes to making lots of quilts.  They are excited about new ideas and want to try everything that comes along.  It is so much fun to be around them. 
Terry left yesterday, so I'm cleaning and doing laundry and all that kind of stuff first.  Then I'll get down to some serious quilting!  I feel like I lost a week after starting on this new medicine... it makes me very dizzy and sick to my stomach.  Hard to work for very long when you feel like that.  I keep plugging along for as long as I can.  Then I go lie down for a bit.  I'm going to get through this! 
I'm getting close to the end of the lone star quilt that I have been dragging to bee every week.  Needs something else near the feather quilting.  Too much space there without quilting.... So I need to figure out if it'll be echo quilting, or cross hatching....or something else.  Usually know what I'm doing before I get almost done.  But nothing has come to mind yet.  I'll keep at it! 

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Hi Everyone... hand quilting on the one in the frame so not much to show...  took a couple of days off from sewing.  Not intentionally, but we went to the garden shop and bought plants and new birdbath and a couple of pretty pots to put around the garden.  So you have to plant them when you get them home...which took all my energy. 

Been sleeping alittle more than usual.  On a new medicine to help out this problem.  Better than surgery, but it takes a while to get used to it... this will be long term stuff.  It makes me dizzy, sleepy, and alittle sick to my stomach.  So you just have to slow down and do what you can co.  Hopefully things will "level out" and problem will be controllable.  So doing a little less sewing.  I'm not happy about that.  But  you have to go with the flow.

There is a Modern guild meeting today, and I would love to finally get down there to meet these women!  Will bring down a quilt or two to show them my stuff.  I missed the woman who came to speak at SMQ's meeting.   I think "Modern" quilts are interesting... but have actually been being made for sometime.  Just they finally came up with a title for them.  Kind of a cross between Amish and Contemporary.  Most that I have seen are machine quilted.  I'll still hand quilt mine.  Just happen to love that and I have tried to machine quilt, but don't really enjoy sitting there with my arms and shoulders all tensed up shoving the quilt around under the needle.  Much easier moving the needle instead of the quilt!

Thursday bee has been doing a bag exchange...8 women each made the basic part of their bag and we are passing them around.  Then you add something to each one.  Themes are creative, and we are just having a good time working on them...So I will have pictures of those soon. 

Keep quilting no matter what!  Patty

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Ok, here was the first one I did of 4 patches...

and here's the second one being constructed.  Notice anything different between the first and second one?  I'll get back to this.

Here's one of the Dresden Plate quilts.  There are 2 very sweet quilts.

Closer shot of the quilting.

Here at bee Sandy is machine quilting this one!

Pat brought in one that she made from her blue scraps.  She is going to give it to the Ronald MacDonald house quilts.

There's Sandy working hard.  She got the quilting done that is going in one direction...then she turned the quilt and is going in the other direction.  Done with the quilting in a few hours.!  Wow.

Here's the other Dresden Plate quilt.  Both very similiar... just a few differences.  All hand done.
So?  Did you figure out the difference in the first 2 quilts....?Maybe I should point it out tomorrow and let you think about it.  I shouldn't have been working on it when I wasn't feeling good.  Too easy to make mistakes.
I am on a new medicine that takes a while to get used to it... so I'm dizzy, kind of sick to my stomach, and sooooo tired.  Nothing I can do about it.  Should take at least a week to get this balanced out, and then 1 to 3 months for it to really kick in... What?!!!  I guess it took a long time to feel this bad, so I can't expect a pill or two to just work over night.  So I'm in this for the long haul to get balanced out again. 
Bee was so great today.  We were laughing so hard, we closed the door so as not to disturb anybody else around there!  Just too much going on in the world that you can poke fun at....and we do just that!
Something that isn't funny, is that someone is using one of the lady's social security numbers!  They had been setting up credit cards at clothing stores and department stores.  So you can put a stop to that on the credit reports.  Which she and her hubby did... but THEN that person filed their income tax return under my friend's name and number!!!  Pretty stupid.  Now they will have the IRS looking for them too.  Now all my friend and her hubby had to do was fill in a form that this had happened... and I think it bothered my more that there is a basic form set up to handle this! 
Well, tax time is around the corner and Terry actually thought that he had another month to do this.  Mmmmm?
How did he get that idea?  Not from me. 
So Monday we sat down and did taxes.  I don't do that much. But I should be aware of what's going on the forms!  If you could do them on muslin, then more quilters would have the form all quilted up and sent in!
Take care, get your taxes done, then quilt!!! 

Sunday, April 7, 2013

This weekend was nice.  I cut out another Hawaiian quilt top...the kudzu.  I'm going to try and get it done for the SMQ no pictures of this one!  Try to keep secrets, and I'm getting better.  Not happy about it.  I hate secrets.  But it's fun when you finally show them.

I had a good friend ask me why I didn't bring one of my works to bee to show them.  The one that did win the Quilter's Treasure's challenge.  She sounded mad at me!  Well, I was trying something different, and if it didn't work out, then I wouldn't have been showing it to anyone and no one would know that I had messed up!    So it was my own form of self protection.  I didn't do it to be mean, but someone always comes up with that angle.  So what if I don't show everything I make.  I make soooo much stuff and most times people are like "oh, yea, Patty made another thing."  So I just stopped showing so much. 

Then today, we went to the autocross.  They set up a course in the double parking lot and we are timed.  You are basically trying to better scoring in golf.  But some people just got to "win".  As long as my time goes lower every lap, then I'm doing well.  And it did.  Terry had the cameras hooked up to the car...2 of them.  One facing forward, and the other in the car so you can see what you are actually doing.  I didn't hit any cones, they add 2 seconds to your time.  I did miss one salom your "time" doesn't count.  ok, no biggy.  (No prizes anyways.)  I did get down to 75 seconds to finish the course.  Not the greatest, but not the slowest either.  The guy who was going the fastest, broke something on his car.  So it doesn't always pay to push too hard!

Monday starts the week all over again!  I will have to get to the customers things.  Terry has to start the taxes!  Geeze, he thought he had another month!  What?  Always been due the same time every year.  I got the paperwork sorted out in a box, so he can plug the numbers into the turbo tax...

Haven't gotten a straight answer out of any drs yet.  Test was last Thursday morning and I still have the same pains and problems.  Not great.  So if I don't hear anything by 11am tomorrow, I start to call and leave messages.  No meds, no advice, and no phone calls.... should I pay them?  ...Maybe in pennies...

I feel good after being out in warm sun and the air was cold.  But it was nice to be out and about with friends who laugh alot....a LOT.  They are great to be around.  I forgot my camera!  I'm slipping on this part of blogging... so I'll get it out and do more! 

Keep calm and carry on.  Patty

Friday, April 5, 2013

Ok, 3 days have gone by.. and it feels like nothing, and then it feels like a very long time.  At least the sun was out today and it's getting warmer! 

2 different customers came by and picked up their quilts today!  Nice to see things going home!  They are so happy to have them done.  One woman had made the first twin bed quilt over 25 years ago, and had just made the second one last year...and I quilted it.  Now the twin beds will finally have matching quilts!

The other woman also had twin bed quilts, that were started by a woman in her 80's...and she finally admitted that she couldn't finish them.  So I got the 2 and both had mostly been quilted, but a little here and some there... I had to go over them and quilt up everything that wasn't quilted, add one thin border on one...and binding on both.  So those are finally done!  The 2 little girls getting them will be happy.

The one in the frame is coming along well.  Got another 4 patch to start cutting out and sewing the top tomorrow.... then the catapillar quilt to hand quilt.  3 more waiting in line, and a kit that has been here for almost 2 years!  It keeps getting moved to the end of the line!  Small one with pumpkin and autumn leaves on it. 

Mine are waiting and seem to be calling for me.!  I want to pick out fabric for the kudzu one!  Something bright and wild.  Why not!!! 

Ok, dr on tuesday and they set up the test yesterday.  You drink that stuff...they hand you 2 - 16 oz bottles of thick gooey stuff to drink, IN 10 MINUTES... now I don't chug anything, and this was as close as I come to it.  I got one down in 5 minutes...and started the second one, when the nurse came in and said that was enough.  Thank you!  Then they watch it go through the small intestines, and I could see the screen.  Interesting.  Looked like a big tangled ball of lumpy yarn....that was moving.  Like the yarn had swallowed the cats.  Well, I hope they know what they were looking at or for.  The nurse said she saw my appendix, ...ok... instead of being down under something, mine is up over it and is long and thin.  My brother had his out years (and years) ago and they had trouble finding his...because it was up higher than it's a family thing.  Anyways, I haven't heard anything and it still feels like the cats are in my gut.  Chasing the frogs around.  It really hurt last night.  They had to push on my stomach to get things to move around so they could get a better picture of different parts... I told them to do what they had to so they could finally figure out what in the world is going on.  And the envelope please.....

No final decision yet.  And here's the weekend.  This always happens to me.  You would think that dr's would give you an answer instead of making you wait all weekend.  If there is some medicine, could you give it to me earlier to help out.  This had started last May 30th, then really kicked in January 10th!!!  Please get movitated...

Ok, so they work as fast as a glacier.  No global warming around them.  I quilt faster than they work!

Sunday we are going to do an Autocross drive...which will be in Dollywood Splash country parking lots.  They set up a course with the orange cones and they time us as we drive around it.  Loads of fun and practice driving fast with no chance of a ticket.  Yes!  I need some fun things to do.  We'll be getting ready for that tomorrow, and I'll do some fun quilting.  Maybe get another one of mine started!!!  I have the Wonky Logs basted.  You know, I saw at least 3 other quilts with that I'd better come up with a different name!

Go out and do something fun this weekend.  Life is just too short not to have fun.  And the sun will be out and the weather wonderful.  Quilt outside!  But have fun!  Patty

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Got those 2 quilts all done and called the owner.  Another customer will be by to pick up her quilt also... so things are going!  That's such a good sign that I'm getting things done.  Feel like I have not done enough on the one in the frame, but you can't work on everything!

I will start to piece the next 4 patch quilt top this weekend.  And then start to quilt the catapiller quilt in the hoop on the table.  See!  You can do 3 quilts at one time! 

Tomorrow morning is the next medical test.  I drink something yucky while they take x-rays every 10 to 15 minutes....checking out the small intestine.  I sure hope they figure this out soon.  I'm running out of body parts to be tested!  You turn 60 and your warranty runs out. 

Terry is home and he's been great.  Making me laugh all the time. Funny what the dr told me... if things are what he thinks this is...then I may have to have make my intestines happier?  Seems to work, he said!  So you can be mentally depressed or physically depressed.  I never knew that!  I was laughing today...maybe I can get medical marijuana... ?  Can you imagine CVS calling to tell me my prescription is in?  Ha, ha, ha!  "Oh Mrs. medical marijuana is good...I mean, it's in....(snicker)!"  Too funny.  There's a whole line of jokes you can play around with!  Oh well... I have to laugh at things, or it'll all come back like a rubber band snapping!

I down loaded my first movie today!  Er, well, Terry helped me do that.  On to my I Pad... So I will have movies to watch while traveling.  It took over an hour to down load Ghost Protocol which is 2 1/2 hours... Not very fast down load!  I have two more to load, but will wait until I recharge that.

So I'll go to bee if I feel ok after the test... Not sure about all this and being around the girls always helps!  This stuff I have to drink will have berium in what will that do to the septic tank?  Do you think of things like that... I mean... will I set off alarms the next time I fly?  They check me all the time at airports.  What's up with that?  Do I look like someone who doesn't want to live?  Come on.  Terry said he's tired of traveling with me.  They usually pull me over to one side and check something.  Ever been put into a giant plastic box and told to wait!?  That was weird.  They checked my hands for explosives!  Whoa.  I handle cotton.... And that time I forgot to grab my luggage claim check... wasn't a problem at the next airport, but you worry on the whole flight, over the Atlantic!  Another time, they did the pat down and rummaged through my purse.  Now I'm really proud about making my own bags, so I guess they figure I'm hiding something in there beside snacks.  Sorry, just food. 

I was traveling with Mike one time, and we were checked over and over again.  Finally Mike said, why are they checking us again?  And I should have kept quiet, but I blurted out, "to see if we have changed disguises...."  They let us through.  Mike was mad...he said, "I thought you said not to joke around...?"  Well, was it a joke?   Terry was at the New Orleans airport and he's very careful about the weight of his bag.  He brings the same stuff every time to go to and from work.... and the bag weighs 49.5 lbs... the woman put it on the scale(50 is the limit) andit said 49.5, and she charged him for being over weight!  Terry complained...and she took it to 2 other said 51 lbs, and the other said 48... so she said it was over weight and charged him $75!!!  Didn't know that Delta was hurting for money so much!

This time when Terry was changing planes in Atlanta, he had to go to gate F4 which was in the international part of the airport!  Didn't know that Knoxville was international flight!  He had to take the train through the airport and go through customs to get home... I'm telling you.  Flying is just plain difficult now.  Bring your own food.  Carry your own luggage.  Have to take off half your waredrobe and be feltup through the rest... can  you tell I'm worried about traveling later this year!  I practice packing with stuff for 3 weeks of clothing... and if I can't pick up the bag, then it's too heavy.  Never mind the actual weight, cause I can't pick up 50 pounds anyways.  And if you have to carry certain things with you, sometimes that is heavier than the check-in bags anyways. 

Ok, figure into all that, I want to take some needle work.  Now you used to be able to bring llittle sissors... but I got yelled at for that too coming back from seeing Joni in Switerland.  Course they really did have terrorist on a flight 2 or 3 days just before that... so when they have the guns chained to their waist at the gate, hand them anything they want!  Even the chocolate... I will cut out a Hawaiian design to take along.  I can borrow sissors from Enid once we get over there.  They should make the terrorists all carry 50 lb bags through the airports.  They would be too tired to be bad.  Anyone without the heavy bags should be checked!!! 

That's enough ranting.  You can tell when I'm comes out all over the place.  Don't know when I'll get the results, but if they only want me on antidepressants... I'm good!  Could you stand me much more chipper?  I'll drive Terry crazy! 

And now for some sayings that are on my board behind this computor..."Plan to be Surprised!", and "There will be Drama."  Sounds about right!


Tuesday, April 2, 2013

This is about ready to go home!

Here's the other and it's almost done!  Sweet.

this is in the frame.  Got more to do, but I have gotten out to one corner so far. 
Cut out the backings for other pieces today and will prewash things this week.  Trying to stay organized so things flow. 
Going for another test Thursday morning.  The dr today, also thinks that I do not need surgery....ok?  Then what.  He's set up a drink stuff and they x-ray your small intestines. that'll glow in the dark later.  I will do this to find out what in the world is causing things to hurt and not work right.  But'd think they would have a few better  ways to figure things out.  Didn't take much to talk me OUT of surgery.  But I want to feel better. 
So I keep quilting. 
No elephants allowed in the sewing room.