Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

When I first went to the quilt show, I completely missed the best of show wall quilt!  I was looking at the challenge quilts, so my back was to it.  Soooo glad I saw it the next day!!!  Super!

Detail shot!  and great details!

Here is my ribbon made by Nellie!  I'm thrilled to have the ribbon, and thrilled that it was made by her!  Thanks to the people who sponcered the awards! 

I bought this adorable little quilt from the  small quilt sale.  Love the blue and green in it!  Of course.  Made by Jan Darnell.  I have a nice little collection of little quilts from the sale.  Thanks to everyone who made them and gave them to the guild!

And my sewing room has more stuff from the show that has no where to go... and I can't use my machine until I can clear this off! 
I just finished quilting the sheep!  Yea!  Did you feel the earth tremble!?  Got to trim the edge and make the binding...oh, yea... the machine has all that stuff there.  One thing leads to another.
The Man who sharpened my sissors is Jason Waldroup 423 312 1478.  Lives in Morristown, TN.  He did a super job on 2 pairs of mine.  It was $7 a pair and worth every penny!  Now I'll be able to cut myself even faster! 
I also got a big box today.  Go back and look on March 6th of my blog.  I had opened a batting that was in terrible shape from manufacturing and shoved into the package.  Made it unuseable to me!  Well, they have called, emailed, AND sent me more batting!   Ok, I feel much better now and believe in Mountain Mist again.  They are in America and want to keep their customers, and keep them happy.  If you have women for the main customers, you have to do well by them, or word gets around so quickly!  So I also want to let you know that they are taking care of the problem and helping me out!  You do have to let companies know if there is something wrong so it can be fixed.  But you also have to let them know things are good. 
Things are good!  Thank you Mountain Mist!
Ok, I have new fabric and got a pattern for Kudzu that is Hawaiian style!  Kind of a Tennesse/Hawaiian Pattern!  Funny thing is, I sent for it from Hawaii, and the designer lives in Oak Ridge, TN!  I might know her...I did send her a message through facebook.  Can't believe we live in the same town!  So Kudzu will be cut out in the next couple of month.  I have to find the right colors to work with.  Glad I got my sissors done.  Cutting through all those layers will be much easier now.
Now to get a few quilts done around here!!!
Keep quilting! 

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  1. Patty - I have that Kudzu Hawaiian pattern! It's really beautiful and I planned on doing it in the not too distant future. I have a really gorgeous angel trumpet one I want to do first. Next week, I am doing an impromptu tour around Hawaii Island to check out all the quilt shops. I need to find the Robert Kaufman Fusions Print (straw color) fabric to finish up the Big Red Kahuna! By the time I get this sent off to you, you'll be recovering from your surgery and not able to work on the quilt itself! Bad Timing! Anyway, Thanks for ALL THE PHOTOS from the shows! We have far more oriental style quilts out here and I forget the lovelieness of Mainland Quilts!