Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Sunday, March 24, 2013

The quilt show was wonderful!  The quality of the quilts was really up there this year!  This is my quilt, "4th Day of the Universe".  I got Honorable mentions.  Pretty sweet!

Also had my dolphin quilt in there.  There is interest in purchasing it...

This is the challenge from the Quilter's Treasure shop.  Mine is the one on the left.  Tones is the leafy one on the right.

Here is "Circle the Block".  I got Judge's Choice!  I really had fun working on this one.  All hand quilted.

And "Press Any Key" Honorable Mention.  It has the keyboard fabric all through out it.  And I tried to make the sashing look like the lines on a circuit board inside a computer.  (This is what my brain looks like when I'm trying to work on the computer and nothing is going right!)

There were so many wonderful quilts.  I love the colors on this one.  It's justso happy! 

I also love how the items in the blocks go over the sashing!  Nice idea!  Need to remember this one for other projects!!!

This one is so restful.  I took this one with a flash...

And now without a flash.  You can see more of the relief of the quilting lines if you do not use the flash.

Here are several of the quilts from the SMQ's challenge.  Monogromatic color.  The members are so creative!

This one has so much movement in it!   I love it!

This is so wonderful.  Again, here's with a flash,

and this is without the flash.  compare the 2 pictures!  So when you are taking pictures for show entries, you have to be aware of things like this.

Cats!!!  Done sooo well.  Great pattern. 

Here's the group shot. 

Another wonderful cat!  I would have done alittle more quilting around them to hold them in place.  But I can't do that applique.

And there was a modern catagory!  Lots of open space to show off the quilting.This is another great modern quilt!  Very cool design.

Tone did one for this modern catagory!  I love it!

Narda won the pointed blocks in the guild's exchange and came back with this super terriffic design!!!  WOW!  She's a beginner!  Unreal.
I have more pictures that I will post in the up coming days.  You really should go see this show!  It's open today until 4.  I have to go to pick up my quilts at 5:30.  I should go earlier to get more booth, Nancy's fabrics, has 6 yard bundles for $36.  that's $6 a yard.  Good fabric.  When I opened one, it was closer to 7 yards in there.  I'm prewashing stuff now!  You also get 10% off if you are a guild member!  Geeze!  Just go!
I really had fun talking to everyone, seeing people and talking quilts!  By the end of the day I got to the car and forgotten that I had brought 2 pairs of sissors down there to be sharpened.  So I had to go back into the building to get them.  He isn't there today.  Just like you get your machine serviced, you need to get those sissor sharpened every once in a while.  Makes it so much easier when you are working if you aren't hacking away at the fabrics!  When I find his card, I'll post that information too.  He and his son fix machines too. 
"It's so Mary Jane's" shop is the sponcer this year of the show!  She has a really great shop, and moved into a bigger space.  Worth finding, she has good fabrics.  There are also small quilts still there for sale!  Members have made them, donated them and the money goes to the guild for future shows and teachers to come in. 
Got to go fold fabric! 

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