Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Monday, March 4, 2013

The Modern quilt is done... Needs a name?  Kind of looks like a circuit Mother board?  Software?  .....Gray winter day?  This winter has really gotten to me.  Too dull and cold.

Got this top together.  It is basted.  Will start quiting on it soon.  Much nicer colors to play with!  Still a kid at heart.  I never read this book about the catapillar.  Need to go check it out in the book store!

More pictures...

It's 83" x 65".  Good throw size.  I don't have any twin beds around here.  It's a soothing color.  Will probably put it down on the chairs in the basement.  They are denium covered...
Do you have a guest bedroom with a bed in it?  We don't.  We did put the old couch in there.  We gave the bed to our son when he moved out.  So the only bed in the house is ours.  Is it so important to have a seperate space set aside for if/when anyone comes over?  We are going to do the bedroom remodel at the end of the year, so I certainly don't want more furniture right now.  But I think that a sitting room or an office would be a better use of the space.  I'm really not comfortable with just having people over.  Quilting buddies, yes, anyday!!!  They understand the need for sitting and creating on a daily basis... but having other people around doesn't sit right with me.  They think this quilting stuff is a hobby.  Over done hobby to them.  Well, then don't come over.  It's my life and I love it. 
Have to go to an appointment this morning.  So skipping the workout.  Not a good thing, but life doesn't always mesh with my schedule very well. 

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