Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
Have plenty more castles!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Ok, this is a bag for a helmit to be carried in... and I got it for a prize at a track day!  But it was boring.... so I have sewn on the triangles and the lines to show they are moving.  Love the flying geese, and I seem to put them on lots of things in differrent colors.  I also want to make a couple of these shapes for purses.  Like how large the bottom gets inside.  Can hold alot of junk!!!

Sheep are coming along.  About 1/3 left to quilt.  Just not enough time to sit and sew.

For customers' things, I have this one in the frame and it's coming along nicely.  Stitch in the ditch for quilting.
Yesterday, Terry and I went to IKEA in Atlanta.  Boy was it busy.  Bring a friend day or family day.  Who brings little kids to a huge warehouse of furnishings?  We did get a good look at all kinds of waredrobes and bedroom items.  Plenty of ideas.  So when we get into the remodel, we'll know what to order and have delivered.  So hopefully, it will get done sooner and be a lower budget!  We did pick up closet rails, pants rack, closet lights that go on when you open the door, and the cords for that.  You have to watch it, some lighting comes seperate from the cords. 
That was all day.  We were so tired after the 4 hour drive down, which started with the road blocked from a bad accident before we could get onto the interstate.  Did get to see alittle part of Atlanta that I had never seen before.  The NW side is very pretty with very BIG houses.  Drive back was long.  Terry got very tired, and I didn't realize he was starting to fall asleep at the wheel!  So we got off at the next exit, got gas in the truck, and switched drivers.  He slept for over an hour, then drove some more.  He also took a nap at home and we went to bed early.  I'm alittle concerned about that.  But if he's ok for the next few days, then I'm not going to worry more.
My side still hurts after that gall bladder test.  Hurt all day in the truck.  So I have got to call the dr on monday and ask questions.  They don't call you....
It's really nice outside today!  Terry is waxing my car!  Sweet!  Pigeon forge show this week and our show the next week!  Quilt overload!!!  Not that I need more ideas, but it's so wonderful to see other quilts! 
Enjoy your fabrics!!! 


  1. Love how you changed the bag - with the flying geese - good to show the speed - but then it is not on the head of the driver, or?

  2. Well, actually, I did put the triangles and "wind" on my helmit first! Little sticky bits...that are starting to come off. Terry won't let me put any on the car...