Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Ok!  Eye candy!  Went to the Pigeon Forge quilt show and it is going on all weekend.  What do I like about this show?  It has alot of hand quilted quilts.  Has both traditional, and modern....used to say comtemporary, but that's "old hat" now.  Love the fact that people are trying all different kinds of things!

Now this is a close up of the Best of Show.  Seems that this is the second one this woman has made (?), and she also won Best of show last year with the first one..... what do you think?  Would you make the exact same pattern with "different" fabrics and enter it again? 

Another close up of this quilt.... ok, I doubt it.  But I'm not the judge, or the organizers.... just someone who thinks that quilt shows are being dupped and ripped off.  I also think that some (this) show tries hard to have "certain" groups get more of the awards.... I was bumped out of catagories a couple of times... so I stopped entering.  Just not worth the agravation.

this was really well done!  Great applique and machine quitling. 

Interesting piano done with log cabin blocks,  Very clever!

Here's a great modern Hawaiian quilt.  The close up picture didn't come through..... All machine applique and quilting.

This one was done with the challenge fabrics, and was told that she didn't have enough of the challenge choices covering the surface area.  So it was put into the other contest catagory.... they did that to me one year.  Now when you buy the bag of challenge fabrics, you actually have the fee included in the price.  So shouldn't the quilt automatically go to the judge of the challenge?  I stopped entering that too!  Now I do well in challenges!  I got the Grand Prize for the Quilters Treasure Challenge!!!  I won a week at a resort of my choice!!!  RCI resorts is what I get to pick from! 

I did love this one.  The colors aren't that good in my picture.  It was radiant.  Love, love, love it.

This was pretty cool... I'm not into reds that much, but the flowers were really great.

A great log cabin one that has the flowers worked into it.  Will show the close up tomorrow.

Thsi flower was great!  The hand dyed fabrics really were worked into it. 

The bird picture was taken by the maker, and she did this whole thing.  Beading all over the background.  Lots of great work. 

Here's the close up... it jumped to the end.  You can see the lines well, and the great quilting. 

I have done this technique in blues!  Looks good in many colors.

Here's a very traditional one!  I made one of these for a customer...and had to get help from 2 other quilters to get it done in time.  The person who wanted it done, wanted it all hand pieced as well as handquilted!  In time for a wedding!  This little 9 patch is really cute when it's all done up! 
So? Did you like these?  Go to shows to soak up ideas and love what others are making.  It's over whelming at times, but can inspire. 
Next week in Maryville College, Maryville, TN there is SMQ's quilt show!  I will have 4 in there!  There are around 200 in the show.  The ones from the challenge I'm in will be there on display!!!  So I'm going to bring my camera and get some shots!  The woman who is in charge of that challenge has been going to shows and living out of her she hasn't had time to update things.
Love your fabric sooooo much that you cut it up and sew it back together again!  Make something pretty! 


  1. Best of show for 2012 in Pigeon Forge was not the same quilt. It was won by K Zimmerman of N.C. The Pigeon Forge show does not accept quilts that have been entered in previous Pigeon Forge quilt shows. Also, there is no fee for entering your quilts into this show. You purchase a packet for the challenge, which includes the fabric to be used.

  2. When I purchased the fabric packet for the challenge one year, I was told it included the entry fee. The price was very high for 4 fat quarters. Then I was not included into the challenge because the woman or women there said it didn't have enough of the fabric from the packet in the piece. I had used every bit of it I could. Since I had entered the challenge, I felt that it should have at least gotten TO the judge since a fee was included in the purchase price. They wouldn't even hang it near the challenge pieces to show a different technique that was used. It was put in the other building. Now come on.... if it's going to be so limiting, how can you show the public that you actually like new ideas? I didn't worry about winning anything. But a "challenge" is supposed to get you to try something different. Not just make something that is going to be accepted by people who are setting things up.