Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Ok, ever open a bag of batting and have it come out of the package this bad?!  Terrible!!!  couldn't get it to lie flat or relax. 

Just wadded up and polyester doesn't usually do this.  Also had a couple of placed where it got pulled out of there's a thin spot.

There was grass or something like it stuck in the fibers!

And a blob of something black.

I'm still hoping that it may lie flat one day.  I did take pictures of it and send that to the company....(MOUNTAIN MIST QUILT LIGHT)

This is one quilted with that kind of batting in it.  See? Nice and flat.  Fun to quilt through....So hopefully, they will send me another.  I was sick.  You have a day to baste something.  Not time to run to the store to try and get another batting.  There are no quilt shops in Oak Ridge, TN.  there is a Walmart, but they certainly don't have what you want, when you need it! 
There are sooooo many quilt shops around here.  But it takes at least 35 minutes through heavy traffic to get to the nearest one.  So if you hit all the lights on red and more traffic, then over 1 hour.  And that  is one way.  So go in, find what you want, try to get through the maze of check outs, coupons?  and then back through the traffic....and you don't have time to do the basting.  So I used my second choice and got the quilt basted when I had time.
Something really great....a customer came and got the baby quilt that I had finished.  The 4 patch one... and she was telling the other grand daughter ( the one that wasn't getting it...) and she wants one too!  So now I will be making a second one for the same customer!  The work keeps coming in!  Love that!
I have been trying to get the sheep one done... more than half way through it.  Too cute that one!  Just have so many waiting their turn.  I still haven't decided what to quilt on the very large blue and white one.  Will take another picture and let you toss some ideas at me. 
I won't be able to work out on friday, so going to fit that in before going to bee tomorrow.  This week has been very strange with my routine.  Still want to get in 3 times a week at the gym.... had to skip monday, so went on tuesday, wednesday, now thursday... 3 in a row is killer.  Let's hope my butt looks good this summer....
Terry and I signed up to go to the track in Atlanta in May!!!  I love driving on the tracks.  GO FAST!  Have fun!  Do something exciting!!!  Get out there!  2 quilt shows this month!  Yea!  Feels like summer is just around the corner.
Wake up and be awesome!


  1. I wanted to add that there are more people seeing my blog over in Russia and Europe than in the USA! THanks to everyone who comes in to see what I'm up to!

  2. Had the same problem with batting I brought home with me once.The only way was quilting in a hoop.