Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Sunday, March 31, 2013

No pictures today.  I'm working on 2 twin bed quilts for a customer.  So when they are done, I'll show you.  Don't feel very good today.  The surgeon is a jerk.  He said that he didn't think I needed to have my gall bladder out.  Plenty of people live with one that works only 20% of the time... so he's sending me to another dr for gastro stuff.  I'm so tired of dr's and waiting another week to 10 days for each appointment.  I feel yucky and just want someone to fix this. 

What does make me happy is seeing all the people that have checked in on this site!  67 one day!  and there are at least 30 hits from Russia!!  Wow.  All over the world.  Pretty cool!  Thanks to everyone who stops by to see quilts.  I'll try to keep it that way, but when things happen, that seems to slip into the blog....

Terry gets home Tuesday night, so I'll be skipping quilt guild meeting.  Got to pick up my honey! 

Today, was just weird.  Easter, right?  If you don't have kid(s) around, then it's really not a big deal.  No kids here, and Terry's not home... and no bunnies around.  I did like seeing pictures on facebook from the '50's when all the families used to dress up the kids for Easter.  It always meant a new outfit for us!  And the little shoes and hand bags that were like baskets.  Very cool.

So hope you all got plenty of eggs, chocolate, and bunny pictures.  Got to go quilt some more. 

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