Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
Have plenty more castles!

Saturday, March 30, 2013

It's done!!!  Binding on and the casing!!!  I love the colors and the cuteness of this one.  It may go into a show, but it's not the greatest workmenship in the world.  I just wanted to get it done.  It was over a year since I put the top together before it got out and quilted.  I have so many more tops that I have put together that are waiting in cabinets and bins.  So?  Is done better than perfect?  Yea....anyday!

Dancing sheep in the fields!

I remember being in England in April when it was lambing time.  Every field seemed to be over flowing with little cute lambs!  I was told that they have to sort out the sheep by how many lambs they had.  Fields held the ewes that either ewe with one, two or none... if one ewe had more than another, they would fight for the extra lamb.  I didn't know that!  So if you put an ewe in a field and she had two and all the others had only one, there would be all out war!  Very interesting!  Sounds like a lot of playground wars....

Here's the modern one...the casing is now on the back.  Never did come up with a good name for it....

Another close up of the sheep!  Those panels really are so cute!

Here's my next project for travel work.  Kudzu!  The Hawaiian patterns are a lot of hand work that can be carried in a small bag.  Great for travel.  So I will look for a good fabric to make this and start cutting soon as I have some extra time....what is that?

And a better picture of this one.  The pictures didn't come through in the order that I picked them.  Don't know why and I have given up trying to figure it out.  Got better things to do than to get in a twist about computors.  I can get fabric to lay flat and sew them together.  Electronics don't seem to do what I want and I'm too old to reprogram myself.  (Add in any swear words here that are good...) 
Another gray rainy day.  March is almost gone and I feel like it should still be Janurary.  Time is flying past for most things.  As for dr's and their appointments... yea...more swearing here too.  So it's goign to be quilting all day with a trip to Books A Million for a mocha frappe.  And quilt magazines.  New ones should be on the shelf. 
The IPAD, or IPatty as I call it, is fun.  Terry and I get to talk with each other and there is a camera, so we can "see" each other.  The satilight connections stinks, so we get the occasional picture of each other, but it's still a connection better than the phone.  I'm also trying to down load things from my home putor to have things when I go somewhere else.  All this down loading is time consuming.  But I haven't figured out anyother way of doing it.... again... trying to keep up with all this new stuff is mind boggling to me.  But at least I'm trying. 
Ok, I have got to get into gear.  Got 2 more quilts in this week.  And I know of 2 more that will be in soon.  So I really do have enough work for the rest of the year!!!  Love that!  Just have to fit in time for my own stuff too, or I'll go nuts!

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