Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
Have plenty more castles!

Monday, March 25, 2013

I love everything about this quilt!  The birds are adorable, colors soft and easy on the eyes!  Just huggable!  Quilting is wonderful!

The quilting in this was a highlight!  Card tricks block that is superbly done!

This is men's ties!  I know Christine and she's been working with men's ties for a couple of years not.  Really cool.  The fabric lusture is better than this picture shows.

Here's the detail of the quilting. (why the pictures don't come up together is a mystery to me....)

And a wonderful snowman!  The detail is great!!!!

There are some quilts that are gorgeous that pictures just don't pick up on the detail very well.  You need to go to shows to stand very close to enjoy the stitchiing.

Here is another tie quilt!!!  In the corner blocks are the fronts of men's shirts with the buttons on it!  Very, very clever!!!

I really love this one.  The small pieces are expertly done, and details are great!

Here's a fun one!  Great poem and lots of little things added on to it!  Love it!

Sally's quilting is beyond human.  Absolutely perfect!!!  I am in awe. 

This curvy pieced quilt is so gentle on the eyes.  Very well done with the colors moving.

And this piece!  I love it!!!  They all fit together, but they are all differnent shaped and sized blocks!  How fun is that!!!
This year's show was so great!  One breath-taking quilt after another.  I did go back early yesterday and got more brainer there... and looked at the quilts some more.  Yes you do miss a few, so you should walk the other way down the isles to see them all from another angle.  I did buy a small quilt also.  Sweet little blue one by Jan Darnell!!!  Thank you!  It's blue... I'll get a picture for tomorrow.
Right now it's 28 with the wind chill, and snowing.  I should be at the gym.  FORGET IT!  I'm so tired of the cold weather, I'm staying in the cave today.  Prewashing more fabric and quilting.  I could drive the truck, but that means getting the frozen door open and spending time scraping the windshield.  Leave the truck alone and just stay inside.  Got plenty of things to do and food. 
I'm telling you, those ground hogs better stay off the roads this year.  More people are going to aim for them than avoid them.  Just tired of the cold....
Bitching is just another form of motivational speaking.

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