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Castles in Moonlight
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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

I had a problem yesterday!  I was checking on the book I keep information in for quilts that go to shows, that is to keep me from entering things twice in the same show....and it does happen.... and I realized that I haven't printed out pictures and kept up with the cataloging of my quilts since I started this blog!!!!  I take pictures like I used to, and then I put them on this site...then I forgot to print them out and put them into the books.  So I started to print pictures from yesterday back into time, and realized it had been over a year!  I have so much work to do on this.

I keep the size, date finished and some of the history of each piece, as well as what condition it was in, and what I did to each piece.  I managed to get the pictures printed, even after the printer had a melt down... and I think I got all but 2 pictures.  Cut them apart, and into the book with size and dates.   Now I have to go back through over 40 projects and write in the information.  I do keep busy.  I just forgot to do more since I added in typing up on the blog. 

I took my quilts down to the show yesterday and after all the running around and finding that work to do, I skipped going to the guild meeting.  It was pouring rain out with lighting.  Not my favorite thing by any means.  We have had lighting come into our house 15 times in 19 years!  And we have replaced so much stuff it isn't funny.  When they say lighting doesn't strike twice in the same place, well, they haven't lived on the top of a ridge in Oak Ridge!  And we got the sprinkler system hooked up yesterday, and of course, it's down to 38 degrees right now!  I had to cover it up last night incase it was in the freezing temps.  Just trying to keep up with things is getting difficult.  So either I have to pick up speed, or stop doing some things.

You need to have time to recharge.  Doesn't matter if you are having a good time, or doing something that you have to be doing.  If you don't stop and just relax, you mind and body are going to slow you down one way or another.  At least quilting is relaxing, but somethings I have so many projects that I want to get done, that I feel like I'm going as fast as a sewing machine to get this all done.  I do try to balance my time between what I'm making for customers and doing for myself.  Never take customers things to Bee.  I just want to have work there and not worry if my stitches are even.  So my stuff gets dragged there.  I have been taking a lone star quilt to work on.  Have I put up a picture of that one?  I got the top in a resale shop.  It needed to be rescued!  It's beautiful peaches and purple.  Strange sounding color combination, but it is from the 30's, I think.  I have been quilting on it for months now.  Out to the borders, but need to go back into the blocks and add more.  Just needs something in there to hold the fabric in place.  I did a feather design around the points of the star. 

How do you relax?  I usually go for a mocha frappe over at Books a Million twice a week.  I would go every day, but I'm sure I wouldn't get through the door after a while.  Those things are soooo good, but very sweet.

I slept great last night, so I'm not hurting as much today.  Got to get to the quilts today, and put those books by my chair in the living room to write in the stories of the quilts.  Laundry going... just another day in Paradise!  Love it!

Go concur the world women!  Patty

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  1. Hi, Patty.Hope the weather turns better-- I still remember your storm room. Good luck for the quilt show and hope you're feeling better.
    best, nadia