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Castles in Moonlight
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Friday, March 8, 2013

Hi Everyone!  I have been going full out with quilting, dr's appointments, and running errands with Terry home.  Weather been crazy with pouring rain one day, snow the next and today it's finally warming up.  Not much to show for sitting at the quilt frame for hours each day.  Bee was a blast with lots of laughs. 

Monday and Friday went to dr's and had tests.  You know when you have a pain that is annoying to uncomfortable?  When you finally go and say, "What the hell is this?"  And then the testing starts... So I'm there.  Another test this morning to see if it's my gall bladder.  Strange little thing that is hiding up under your liver and can be very tempermental.  So I'm not sure what the results say about it yet.  But it's been hurting all day long after the stupid test.  Worse than before.  I'm tired of hearing that things are "normal".  The joke goes that normal is just a setting on the washer. 

Now what... keep going back until the pain gets bad enough that someone who is not living in this body can actually go, "Oh there it is!"... duh.  And I keep quilting.  Got  that catapiller quilt basted as well as another quilt of mine!  Yea!  Plenty more waiting to get attention....

Pigeon Forge show is next week and I'll be going up there on Thursday!  I haven't been to that show in a few years.  Even though it's close by, I have been miffed by that group.  I entered and they were not happy with the catagory I chose to be in... I read their discription of a professional quilter... and it was not me.  I didn't have a shop open to the public, I don't mass produce items to sell.  I only take commissions, and that wasn't listed.  All professionals are in one great big catagory, miniatures to kingsize, applique, pieces, mixed, and everything else.  THEY do not want to give prizes to anyone who earns money with quilting.  So I stopped entering. 

I did get the packet of fat quarters one year for their challenge.  When you bought it, the price included your entry fee (HA!).  Out of the fabrics in the packet, I used every single bit and made 3 dimensional flowers which I sewed onto a plain fabric the correct size.  I hand quilted all the background.... at take in, one woman held it up and said that there wasn't enough of the challenge fabrics covering the surface of the quilt.  So not only did it not get to the judge after paying the entry fee, it wasn't even hung with the challenge quilts in the same building!  It was put over in the other building, and not judged at all!  So I didn't stand a chance in hell to even be considered for anything!  So I'm miffed enough not to ever enter that show again.  If I don't get up there to see the quilts, I'm good.  Most of the time, only their guild members ever win, and most of them are copies of patterns.  Not much orginiality up there! 

This year I want to go.  My quilt got the grand prize in the Quilters Treasure challenge!  And it may be up there in the vendors booth.... I'm excited to go see the people who ran the show.  I have seen my name on the website, but haven't heard from them yet!  Quilter's Treasure will also be at our show which is March 22, 23, and 24 at Maryville College, in Maryville, TN.  Should be a good show!  about 200 quilts in the contest, and a few displays, small quilts for sale, and of course, VENDORS!  What the heck, we all need more fabric and tools.  I will be there on Saturday as a hostess.  You get to stand around and really look at the quilts as well as tackle people who dare to touch them.... well, you tackle the cute guys and just kick everyone else in the ankles. 

So I should have more pictures in the next couple of weeks!  I'm slowly getting more done on the sheep.  Tomorrow, Terry and I are going to IKEA store!  It's an all day event!  And you come home with a truck load of shelves, lamps, kitchen items, and fun stuff for the house.  Then Terry gets to put those all together in the next few days.  This is all in anticipation of the remodel of 2 bathrooms, 3 bedrooms and 5, yes 5 closets!  Plenty to keep us busy for the year!  So things have to be gotten rid of and reorganized... yipes. 

So keep quilting when ever you can.  Hide your fabrics and have fun with them.  See you at the shows!  Y'all come see!  Patty

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