Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Friday, March 22, 2013

Guess what this is!  Oh, come on...

It's a giant clamshell!  I made it for a needle case and it got a little bigger than I first intended.  I added in the little white pocket for the thimble, a ribbon to hole the sissors in when tucked under the pincushion.  And I added the pearl over to the right side.  There are 2 snaps to close it.  I do have the little crab on the top and the pair of sandles.  So I can put a loop on the bottom to pull up and loop around the sandles for addtional closure.  Too much fun making this.
The Norris guild has a challenge to make a needle case and /or a pin

Here's a pincushion!  The little house was fun to play around with.

Not quite done getting all the windows and the last door sewn on.  But it works.  I found that making pincushions is very easy...I just don't like the thought of having an animal as a pincushion.  Feels like you are doing voodoo on them by sticking the pins into them.  So I'm going to just make objects.

I got this book today, half price at the used bookstore!  Love it.  Got to sit and go through it somemore.    I'm always finding interesting things at the used places.

I'm getting down to the last sheep on the quilt!  So close to the end!    Can't wait to get the binding on and start the next thing.

This is Diane Rhea's quilt that she brought into bee for me to see.  The butterflies are all old hankies.  Nice way to use them in a quilt.  She did a tremendous amount of quilting on this! 
Bee was soooooo much fun.  I brought a turtle cake and we ate almost all of it!  That's a good sign that you made the best choice!  I got some great cards in the mail!  The one that made me laugh sooo hard was from has a cat wearing a hat with feathers and a pin on it.  "With the right hat"...(open the card) "and no one will notice the whiskers!"  Oh yea!  Just laughed and laughed!
Today is my birthday.  Didn't do a whole lot today, and that is just fine.  Tomorrow I'll go to the quilt show and hostess for a couple of hours.  Then spend quality time checking out the quilts and taking pictures!  Did get a call that someone wants to buy one of my quilts!  That was a nice surprise!  So I have to figure out if I want to sell it and if so, then how much!
I'm pretty happy about having another birthday.  I can remember my Mom having a terrible time with those.  What's the big deal?  You are still here!  You get more discounts.  No one bugs you about how you are dressed...accept my hubby.  I think that in the winter, as long as I'm comfortable and warm, I am not going to worry about if I look classy or not.  (Classy bag lady!)
Got to go and get things ready to go to the show tomorrow!!!
GET out there and see the quilts!

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  1. Happy Birthday - Patty! Lucky you having a birthday during a happy time of the year! I used ot hate having birthdays, but now we spend an entire weekend celebrating my birthday with numerous little 'events' including a nice wrap-up out a a beautiful beachside bar on west Oahu, with live music and the whole nine yards!

    Big Red Kahuna top is getting closer to finished. Still waiting on a backorder of fabric for the outside sashing. I am hoping you have a very easy surgery and quick recovery! Aloha - C