Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Guess what I got for my birthday from a very good friend, Brenda?!  Of course!  She keeps me in bunny slippers!  And keeps finding different ones every year.  I either get a pair for Christmas or my birthday.  I love them.  These are crocheted.  The last pair was the ones that Maxine wears!  I didn't want to wear them out, so they haven't gotten worn very much. 
I will have to have surgery to take the gall bladder out...well, as far as I know right now.  I go see the surgeon on the 27th... so I think I will need to wear bunny slippers when the time comes!

At the show in Pigeon Forge, I did get the book about Art Quilting.  Very cool inside.  And the other 2 I got at Jerry's Artorama in Knoxville.  Lots of great, very good, art supplies in there.  I could go crazy if I ever need a distraction from quilting!

Ok and a few more pictures of quilts from that show, and I don't remember which ones I have put on the site already, but I think these are new to view.

Close ups are good to see the details of things.

Nice colors and flow!

Great piecing.  Yellow is almost too strong in here.  Watch your values when picking fabrics and keep them consistant.  Now the maker must have loved it or she wouldn't have kept going.  So you have to do what pleases you!

This one really looks great.  Like the light is shining down on it.

Love the cats in the borders. 

Good modern design.
Busy tomorrow with running around to deliver my quilts to judging, taking Terry to the airport, dropping off a car, and going to the shop that had my kitchen stuff and said that nothing sold...then when I picked things up, they weren't all there.  So they owe me some money and I'm going to go talk with her.  I don't feel good, so I'll either just leave in disgust, or start in on her.  Not good either way.  I was taken advantage of, and just wish there was some other way to come to an end with this.  Probably will just walk away.  Karma will get added up and she'll have more problems than me. 
So the bunnies and I will be hanging out on Easter!  My birthday is the 22... Terry gave me a mini IPAD...which I'm calling my mini I Patty.  I'm slowly getting used to my new electronic gadget.  It's ok.  And we have cd's to learn German... since we will be traveling over there, I should at least be able to ask, How much, and where is the ..... (usually bathroom...).....
Plans are being made and the bills are here before the trip.  Wow.  Terry said "we" have to stop using the credit cards.  "We" chemosobby?  Ha ha ha.... sure.  What ever.  That'll be easy for me since I don't use them hardly ever.
Keep quilting!  I'm making pinchusions for the july show in Norris!  Small things make me happy.  Also thought about making a stuffed gall bladder... kind of yucky looking, so cut out a green one.  If it makes the dr laugh, then I'm doing ok!

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