Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Got a clear space by the sewing machine!  Been working on the next piece.... Still plenty of projects over there waiting to get worked on!

Cutting and figuring out this one was tough.  It had a pattern that was redesigned by someone at a fabric shop...she sold the fabrics to my customer...but not everything was marked on the new design!  So I'm guessing where some of the colors are supposed to go.  She also has that striped fabric to be used at the borders, and it was short by about 1"!  Sh*t.  So I will put in corner blocks instead of putting in a strange seam. 

Here's what I have so far!  The catapiller quilt.  It's turning out cute!  I need to change out the yellow squares around the butterfly.  It looks washed out.  Will fussy cut the borders today.  I was getting too tired yesterday.  Worse time to fussy cut something and then make a mistake when you are short on fabrics anyway!!!

This I bought!  Isn't it cute!  My friend, Pat Blankenship is soooooo great with color and design.  I love her work.  So I finally own one that she has made.  I know I could make things, but she does wonderful things and I'm proud to own this one.
Do you buy other peoples work?  You should if you like it!  We are not really the owners, but the next care takers of items.  Things will get passed on or passed around.  Take your turn and enjoy these things that people make.  It's their energy and time in art.  You have a piece of their imagination  and love for that craft.
I'm not sure how I'm going to "thin the herd" of quilts that I have.  Any suggestions?  I have tried being in shops.  Tried listing a few on this blog.  But there aren't crowds of people knocking down any doors to get to my quilts.  I have had individual shows, and no one comes with money.  And you get back quilts that have all been handled...I went to one craft show once and they were smoking meat down at one end....and the wind was blowing across my booth.  So all my quilts smelled like smoke after that.  Lots of time at the dryer with the fabric sheets in there.  So I keep making them and they have really piled up in there.  I need some serious buyers.  Then I can get more fabric and keep making more!
I had some kitchen things in a shop, and got back my stuff...minus $130 worth... and the shop had changed hands.  Isn't if funny how neither woman says she sold my stuff.  One woman said she sold $23 worth... I'm sick of these shops that are not taking care of things or selling them and no records, or they just want the money.... Isn't fair.  So yardsales this summer to get rid of things.  One day only in my driveway.... Not my thing either, but I have to at least try to sell some things. 

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