Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Been a few days and I was hoping for some better news....I am going to meet up with the do you spell that?  Anyways, my appointment to meet him is the 27th!!!!  Good thing I'm not doubled over in pain.  This gall bladder is annoying and uncomfortable, and painful at times, but it's been bugging me for so long, that I guess another 2 weeks will be ok....!  and that is just to see him. That's not the actual surgery.

So I keep quilting.  What else.  The one in the frame is going well and actually faster than I had thought.  My sheep are getting done... got about 3 square feet left to do in a corner, and the binding.  Need casings on everything around here. 

Tomorrow is the quilt show in Pigeon Forge, and yes I'm going.  Might as well.  So I have to put things by my purse so I won't leave the house without the camera and bottle of water.  Just need to do things so that I'm not always thinking about this GB.... or gdgb....

What do you do when you don't want to think about something that you can't control?  I try to imagine everything going well, and I start a new project!  Picking out colors and making the decisions on a design really takes over my mind.  Maybe this is why there are so many stacked up waiting to be quilted.  Once you start quilting...the mind either takes a vacation, or worries.  I have several tropical islands that I go to.  Beach scenes are great place to hang out and listen to waves. 

I did get the Ninetendo hooked back up!  Thanks to a wonderful friend who GAVE me her old one.  I found out that it was the transformer that plugs in that was bad!  Who knew.  When I plugged in the box that she gave me, it was doing the same thing.  Mmmm?  Ok, Changed out one wire from the box to the tv....still the same.  Changed out the transformer wire, and TA DA!  It was working!!!  Played Tetris and Dr. Mario.  Back in my space-out zone.    I need to make a quilt that looks like tetris board.  Very easy actually.... but that's just another one to have on the "list". 

Terry washed and waxed my car the last couple of days and it is so shiny and pretty!  He even took the wheels off the car and waxed those on the insides!  Whew.... (not me!)  But I wash bathrooms and clothes, so we are even....

What do you get at shows?  Fabric you haven't seen anywhere else?  New tools?  Patterns?  Books?  I do look for books, and found that you can get the information, and order them once you get home.... but once I couldn't get the book!  So you really should get the books when you see them.  Just get them at the end of the time you are there, so you aren't carrying the weight around all day.  Always get the fabric if you find something cool.  Even if it's more than in a shop.  You may NEVER come across it anywheres else!!!  I have gotten way too many patterns.  I will never make all of those that I have now.  Slowed down on picking those up.  And tools?  Well.... just depends what in the world it is.  There hasn't been anything that I couldn't live without in a very long time.  Then look for fun stuff.  Different embellishments, or something that stirs your creative juices!  Sometimes that is just as important and having stuff to make things.  A fun hat, or a scarf.  Pins, or .... well, fun stuff.  You can never have enough fun!  Ok!  Let's go to the shows!

Pigeon Forge this weekend, and SMQ's is the 22, 23, and 24 at Maryville college.....the 22 is my birthday...I'll be 60.  I want a new gall bladder.  Think that would be a good pincushion?  Yea.



  1. Oh Honey, Do you mean surgeon?

  2. Yup! Thanks! I never said I could spell or use that checker thingy.