Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
Have plenty more castles!

Sunday, March 31, 2013

No pictures today.  I'm working on 2 twin bed quilts for a customer.  So when they are done, I'll show you.  Don't feel very good today.  The surgeon is a jerk.  He said that he didn't think I needed to have my gall bladder out.  Plenty of people live with one that works only 20% of the time... so he's sending me to another dr for gastro stuff.  I'm so tired of dr's and waiting another week to 10 days for each appointment.  I feel yucky and just want someone to fix this. 

What does make me happy is seeing all the people that have checked in on this site!  67 one day!  and there are at least 30 hits from Russia!!  Wow.  All over the world.  Pretty cool!  Thanks to everyone who stops by to see quilts.  I'll try to keep it that way, but when things happen, that seems to slip into the blog....

Terry gets home Tuesday night, so I'll be skipping quilt guild meeting.  Got to pick up my honey! 

Today, was just weird.  Easter, right?  If you don't have kid(s) around, then it's really not a big deal.  No kids here, and Terry's not home... and no bunnies around.  I did like seeing pictures on facebook from the '50's when all the families used to dress up the kids for Easter.  It always meant a new outfit for us!  And the little shoes and hand bags that were like baskets.  Very cool.

So hope you all got plenty of eggs, chocolate, and bunny pictures.  Got to go quilt some more. 

Saturday, March 30, 2013

It's done!!!  Binding on and the casing!!!  I love the colors and the cuteness of this one.  It may go into a show, but it's not the greatest workmenship in the world.  I just wanted to get it done.  It was over a year since I put the top together before it got out and quilted.  I have so many more tops that I have put together that are waiting in cabinets and bins.  So?  Is done better than perfect?  Yea....anyday!

Dancing sheep in the fields!

I remember being in England in April when it was lambing time.  Every field seemed to be over flowing with little cute lambs!  I was told that they have to sort out the sheep by how many lambs they had.  Fields held the ewes that either ewe with one, two or none... if one ewe had more than another, they would fight for the extra lamb.  I didn't know that!  So if you put an ewe in a field and she had two and all the others had only one, there would be all out war!  Very interesting!  Sounds like a lot of playground wars....

Here's the modern one...the casing is now on the back.  Never did come up with a good name for it....

Another close up of the sheep!  Those panels really are so cute!

Here's my next project for travel work.  Kudzu!  The Hawaiian patterns are a lot of hand work that can be carried in a small bag.  Great for travel.  So I will look for a good fabric to make this and start cutting soon as I have some extra time....what is that?

And a better picture of this one.  The pictures didn't come through in the order that I picked them.  Don't know why and I have given up trying to figure it out.  Got better things to do than to get in a twist about computors.  I can get fabric to lay flat and sew them together.  Electronics don't seem to do what I want and I'm too old to reprogram myself.  (Add in any swear words here that are good...) 
Another gray rainy day.  March is almost gone and I feel like it should still be Janurary.  Time is flying past for most things.  As for dr's and their appointments... yea...more swearing here too.  So it's goign to be quilting all day with a trip to Books A Million for a mocha frappe.  And quilt magazines.  New ones should be on the shelf. 
The IPAD, or IPatty as I call it, is fun.  Terry and I get to talk with each other and there is a camera, so we can "see" each other.  The satilight connections stinks, so we get the occasional picture of each other, but it's still a connection better than the phone.  I'm also trying to down load things from my home putor to have things when I go somewhere else.  All this down loading is time consuming.  But I haven't figured out anyother way of doing it.... again... trying to keep up with all this new stuff is mind boggling to me.  But at least I'm trying. 
Ok, I have got to get into gear.  Got 2 more quilts in this week.  And I know of 2 more that will be in soon.  So I really do have enough work for the rest of the year!!!  Love that!  Just have to fit in time for my own stuff too, or I'll go nuts!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Gloria gave me this to play around with!  Oooooh!  Ideas are flowing.  Just too pretty.  She had placed it onto another fabric and painted them.  So she has the fabric with the lighter houses on it.

Today, I thought I had taken some pictures, but apparently not!  So here are pictures that I have saved from other places.  Multi Snippets (Nadia) does amazing things!  She lives in Tunsia and they don't have fabric shops, so she goes and buys clothes at a second hand store and used that for fabrics.  They seem to have lots of silk garments that are great for making wall hangings!  Here is one she had brought over a year ago and showed it to Bee. 

There are many sites through Facebook, and Handmade in Italy is one of my favorites.  I love what they did with the spools for decorations.

Here is an interesting way to make 3 dimentional decorations from felt.

If you copy this and enlarge it, that will be easier than this little thing.  I don't paper piece much, but this looked so cute! 

This chart was also posted to help quilters with an easy reference. 

I love this snowman.  It's going to be cold again tonight, in the low 30's or high 20's.  Good for snowmen but not for me!

this was a real eye catcher!!!  What to do with selvages!!!

And I love this with the old women under the table!  I would still climb trees if I could!
I have a whole file of pictures that I have downloaded with great ideas and things that make me laugh and smile!  Everyone should have that! 
Bee was so much fun.  I needed the laughs today.  I don't know if you want to hear about my medical crap.  The surgeon said no.... and is sending me to a GI dr.  The orginial dr couldn't believe the surgeon said no... but said to go to the next one and see what he comes up with...and then we'll find a surgeon that will actually help me.  I thought it was only the insurance companies that said no!  Geeze!  Meanwhile, I keep waiting another week and then wait for the next thing... and then Terry will have to change his schedule... and my side still hurts.
Ok, you can see why I needed to be with my peeps today... or Bees...
The binding is almost completely on the sheep quilt!  I will sew the casing on that and the Modern one!  A man just brought over 2 more antique ones to get repaired and quilted up... so that's about 8 to 10 in here now!  I love it!  Plenty of wonderful quilts to enjoy!!! 
Cross your fingers that these dr's will get to work!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

When I first went to the quilt show, I completely missed the best of show wall quilt!  I was looking at the challenge quilts, so my back was to it.  Soooo glad I saw it the next day!!!  Super!

Detail shot!  and great details!

Here is my ribbon made by Nellie!  I'm thrilled to have the ribbon, and thrilled that it was made by her!  Thanks to the people who sponcered the awards! 

I bought this adorable little quilt from the  small quilt sale.  Love the blue and green in it!  Of course.  Made by Jan Darnell.  I have a nice little collection of little quilts from the sale.  Thanks to everyone who made them and gave them to the guild!

And my sewing room has more stuff from the show that has no where to go... and I can't use my machine until I can clear this off! 
I just finished quilting the sheep!  Yea!  Did you feel the earth tremble!?  Got to trim the edge and make the binding...oh, yea... the machine has all that stuff there.  One thing leads to another.
The Man who sharpened my sissors is Jason Waldroup 423 312 1478.  Lives in Morristown, TN.  He did a super job on 2 pairs of mine.  It was $7 a pair and worth every penny!  Now I'll be able to cut myself even faster! 
I also got a big box today.  Go back and look on March 6th of my blog.  I had opened a batting that was in terrible shape from manufacturing and shoved into the package.  Made it unuseable to me!  Well, they have called, emailed, AND sent me more batting!   Ok, I feel much better now and believe in Mountain Mist again.  They are in America and want to keep their customers, and keep them happy.  If you have women for the main customers, you have to do well by them, or word gets around so quickly!  So I also want to let you know that they are taking care of the problem and helping me out!  You do have to let companies know if there is something wrong so it can be fixed.  But you also have to let them know things are good. 
Things are good!  Thank you Mountain Mist!
Ok, I have new fabric and got a pattern for Kudzu that is Hawaiian style!  Kind of a Tennesse/Hawaiian Pattern!  Funny thing is, I sent for it from Hawaii, and the designer lives in Oak Ridge, TN!  I might know her...I did send her a message through facebook.  Can't believe we live in the same town!  So Kudzu will be cut out in the next couple of month.  I have to find the right colors to work with.  Glad I got my sissors done.  Cutting through all those layers will be much easier now.
Now to get a few quilts done around here!!!
Keep quilting! 

Monday, March 25, 2013

I love everything about this quilt!  The birds are adorable, colors soft and easy on the eyes!  Just huggable!  Quilting is wonderful!

The quilting in this was a highlight!  Card tricks block that is superbly done!

This is men's ties!  I know Christine and she's been working with men's ties for a couple of years not.  Really cool.  The fabric lusture is better than this picture shows.

Here's the detail of the quilting. (why the pictures don't come up together is a mystery to me....)

And a wonderful snowman!  The detail is great!!!!

There are some quilts that are gorgeous that pictures just don't pick up on the detail very well.  You need to go to shows to stand very close to enjoy the stitchiing.

Here is another tie quilt!!!  In the corner blocks are the fronts of men's shirts with the buttons on it!  Very, very clever!!!

I really love this one.  The small pieces are expertly done, and details are great!

Here's a fun one!  Great poem and lots of little things added on to it!  Love it!

Sally's quilting is beyond human.  Absolutely perfect!!!  I am in awe. 

This curvy pieced quilt is so gentle on the eyes.  Very well done with the colors moving.

And this piece!  I love it!!!  They all fit together, but they are all differnent shaped and sized blocks!  How fun is that!!!
This year's show was so great!  One breath-taking quilt after another.  I did go back early yesterday and got more brainer there... and looked at the quilts some more.  Yes you do miss a few, so you should walk the other way down the isles to see them all from another angle.  I did buy a small quilt also.  Sweet little blue one by Jan Darnell!!!  Thank you!  It's blue... I'll get a picture for tomorrow.
Right now it's 28 with the wind chill, and snowing.  I should be at the gym.  FORGET IT!  I'm so tired of the cold weather, I'm staying in the cave today.  Prewashing more fabric and quilting.  I could drive the truck, but that means getting the frozen door open and spending time scraping the windshield.  Leave the truck alone and just stay inside.  Got plenty of things to do and food. 
I'm telling you, those ground hogs better stay off the roads this year.  More people are going to aim for them than avoid them.  Just tired of the cold....
Bitching is just another form of motivational speaking.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

The quilt show was wonderful!  The quality of the quilts was really up there this year!  This is my quilt, "4th Day of the Universe".  I got Honorable mentions.  Pretty sweet!

Also had my dolphin quilt in there.  There is interest in purchasing it...

This is the challenge from the Quilter's Treasure shop.  Mine is the one on the left.  Tones is the leafy one on the right.

Here is "Circle the Block".  I got Judge's Choice!  I really had fun working on this one.  All hand quilted.

And "Press Any Key" Honorable Mention.  It has the keyboard fabric all through out it.  And I tried to make the sashing look like the lines on a circuit board inside a computer.  (This is what my brain looks like when I'm trying to work on the computer and nothing is going right!)

There were so many wonderful quilts.  I love the colors on this one.  It's justso happy! 

I also love how the items in the blocks go over the sashing!  Nice idea!  Need to remember this one for other projects!!!

This one is so restful.  I took this one with a flash...

And now without a flash.  You can see more of the relief of the quilting lines if you do not use the flash.

Here are several of the quilts from the SMQ's challenge.  Monogromatic color.  The members are so creative!

This one has so much movement in it!   I love it!

This is so wonderful.  Again, here's with a flash,

and this is without the flash.  compare the 2 pictures!  So when you are taking pictures for show entries, you have to be aware of things like this.

Cats!!!  Done sooo well.  Great pattern. 

Here's the group shot. 

Another wonderful cat!  I would have done alittle more quilting around them to hold them in place.  But I can't do that applique.

And there was a modern catagory!  Lots of open space to show off the quilting.This is another great modern quilt!  Very cool design.

Tone did one for this modern catagory!  I love it!

Narda won the pointed blocks in the guild's exchange and came back with this super terriffic design!!!  WOW!  She's a beginner!  Unreal.
I have more pictures that I will post in the up coming days.  You really should go see this show!  It's open today until 4.  I have to go to pick up my quilts at 5:30.  I should go earlier to get more booth, Nancy's fabrics, has 6 yard bundles for $36.  that's $6 a yard.  Good fabric.  When I opened one, it was closer to 7 yards in there.  I'm prewashing stuff now!  You also get 10% off if you are a guild member!  Geeze!  Just go!
I really had fun talking to everyone, seeing people and talking quilts!  By the end of the day I got to the car and forgotten that I had brought 2 pairs of sissors down there to be sharpened.  So I had to go back into the building to get them.  He isn't there today.  Just like you get your machine serviced, you need to get those sissor sharpened every once in a while.  Makes it so much easier when you are working if you aren't hacking away at the fabrics!  When I find his card, I'll post that information too.  He and his son fix machines too. 
"It's so Mary Jane's" shop is the sponcer this year of the show!  She has a really great shop, and moved into a bigger space.  Worth finding, she has good fabrics.  There are also small quilts still there for sale!  Members have made them, donated them and the money goes to the guild for future shows and teachers to come in. 
Got to go fold fabric!