Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Thursday, February 21, 2013

There are some amazing quilters in the Ritzy Timbles Guild!!!!  This isn't quilted yet...but really, who cares.  My jaw hit the floor when I saw this one! 

Narda does another super duper quilt.  She's sooo creative! 

See the light and dark stars!  Great design and workmanship.

Allison made another baby quilt that is soo cute!  Love the rickrack on it.

And the big beautiful quilts keep coming!

Here's an "eye spy" quilt with all the neat fabrics in it.

Santas galore!  Wonderful.

And a snowman!  Gives me an idea.....

These are the blocks for the drawing.  You make as many blocks as you want, and your name goes in to win all or part.  (I didn't win.)

this is my Modern quilt!  Not quite all quilted up yet, but almost....
So for a few days, I have been running around like a nut.  Got plenty done and a nap in between some things.  I don't feel great, but I can keep moving.  Something is bugging me and all tests are coming back "normal"..... what?  then what is wrong? 
You know, I swore that I wouldn't write about ever not feeling good.  So no more details.  This is a quilting blog... about a quilter. 
One quilt that I have worked on, the opposite, small edges were wavy.  It was driving me nuts.  So I took off the binding and put if back on again.  There was an extra 3" of fabric!  No wonder it was wavy.  Have to just finish sewing it over.  Then another quilt came in today!  A Grandmother's Flower Garden one.  It has quite a bit sewn up on it.  There is green in between each flower... and not enough green hexagrams to finish putting any more flowers on.. So we came up with an idea!  Use another color and put another row of flowers all the way around the whole quilt!  OK!  This could work.  So that one in now in line....
I have to baste a very big quilt next.  Will take up the table for a few days.  That will go into the frame.  Then sew down the binding on the baby quilt.  Make a small project, and get started on the next throw for a customer.  Two other small quilts waiting, a holiday wallhanging, then the Grandmother's Flower Garden.  A quilter's work is never done!    Probably got enough for the rest of the year right now....and MY STUFF!  Don't forget to do your own things.....
I am almost done with the one I have been dragging to bee.  It's a lone star quilt in nice pastels.  Quilting the borders now,, and have to fill in a few areas with something.  Just too much space with nothing in there around the feathers.  The sheep are over to one side while I use the table... and the modern quilt only needs to be quilted out to the edges and a binding.... Geeze.  I need to quilt in my sleep.  I only design in my dreams right now. 
Oh, yea... and one more bag to work on... for thursday Bee.  I'm ahead of everyone else, so it's ok. 
If you get a chance, and want some eye candy, go to Off the Wall, the world of wearables.  It's a contest down in New Zealand, held once a year (I think).  The clothes are art, and wild!  I really want one of the books of the costumes!!! 
Play, sew, have fun.

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