Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Friday, February 8, 2013

And I started working on my modern quilt.  I'm not in love with grey for the main color of a quilt, but it sure is easy on the eyes!  All straight lines, so I'm hoping to get it done very very quickly!

Not a busy-run-around day.  I worked out, got stuff at Home Depot... house air filters and light blubs.  It's right next to the gym.  I usually go food shopping, but I have more than enough around here for the weekend!  I didn't feel like walking around there.

So this weekend, I can quilt all I want, go have a coffee, or go antiqueing!  I love that and haven't done that in ages!  So I may just have to call up a friend and get out of the house.  The sun was out today and it was wonderful to see!  My sister lives in NH and is getting plastered with snow.... Not my choice to live up there! 

I did spend over an hour on a fabric site last night, and when I hit the button to finish up the ordering of batiks, it locked up on me.  So forget it.  I would have bought the fabrics!  I was having a good time picking them out.  But when computers mess up, I don't want to do things over and over.... I would rather get in the car and drive 1 hour to touch the fabrics and pick them out.  I have gotten some fabric on line.  Usually something very different that isn't in shops much, a certain print.  But just to pick out colors and patterns, I still like being there. 

There are 9 to 11 shops that have fabrics around here.  I do have a tendency to buy fabrics when I'm on vacations and trip.  You see different "flavors" in different areas.  So it's great to pick some up on trips.  Locally, I have a tendency to look for the sale things.  I do have quite a stash, so it's not like I am hurting for choices at home.... but I tend to use up certain colors that I love.  Or new colors come out.  Anyways, it's all fun! 

I have another bag to work on, and I did sew up the block for the block drawing at the local guild.  I need to get my ideas going on the challenge that I issued!  What was that again!  Oh, "things that go together."  I keep going back to 2 peas in a pod... A couple of other ideas have been buzzing around, so that's why I haven't gotten out the fabrics yet....

Time to get something else done around here!  Go and Be Awesome!!!


  1. Hey, Patty, LUV the glove! Very cool.

    Don't worry about me, I'm safe on the farm. Or more like entrenched on the farm. I've got food, and fabric, thread, and batting stocked. Lots to do. Still don't know about coming to Knoxville, yet. Drat.
    best, nadia

  2. Love that modern quilt and the glove's bag.