Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Ok, the repair man just left (7:10)...he got here at 5:45.  And the conclusion was, a power surge must have happened... nothing was wrong with the machine.  nothing... nada.  That was $138.  Thank you. 

So, I give up.  It could have been the mother board, or the gears...but it was the electricity coming into the house or lighting?  Great... Well, back to doing the laundry by machine again tomorrow.   At least tomorrow is Bee day.  I need the girls.

Smoky Mt Quilt Guild meeting was ok.  The show is coming up in March, so they are getting busier.  Did make alot of announcements.  I turned in a small quilt for the sale and picked up the paperwork for the quilts I have entered.   I exchanged a bag with Jane for Bee.  I'm having so much fun working on those.  I'm almost done with Gloria's.  Her's is the Beatles, so I put on a blue meanie glove!

Since I took one out of the frame yesterday, I put my modern quilt in there.  So I have been quilting on that one all afternoon (waiting for repair guy).  Got quite a bit done on it since it's straight lines.  The quilt isn't that big, maybe a throw size, so I want to get it done right away.  My stack of unquilted tops is falling over.  I haven't worked on the sheep quilt in many days. 

Not much else on the calendar for the week.  Many errands.  How can those lists get so long all the time.  Go here and there and back again.  Geeze.  Well, it's dark out and I forgot to bring in the mail... I also noticed that the tire on one car in the garage was flat... must have been a surge.

(as she ran screaming into the night.... )


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