Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Friday, February 22, 2013

Ok, I'm super excited right now!  Just found out that I won the Quilters Treasure Challenge!  Tone wrote and told me, and she got 3rd!  How cool is that!  I had mailed it in in early December and hadn't heard if they had even gotten it until sometime in January... so I just didn't think about the possiblity of winning anything.  So this is really fun.  (Wonder what the prize is?  Never really worried about that!)  I just love to work on challenges.  Give me some fabric, rules, or theme and I get to them.  I'm in charge of the challenge at Ritzy Thimbles... so I'd better make one for that!

Tomorrow I'll post pictures of the quilt that I'm basting.  It's very big.  Will take 2 days to get done and in the frame.  It's beautiful.  All hand pieced by one woman and it took her 11 years.  Yes, eleven!  So I want to do a really wonderful job of hand quilting on this one!!!  Her hubby came with her, and he asked if it would take another 11 to quilt it.  Cheeky. 

Been busy running around all week.  So I'm sticking closer to home this weekend.  Once I get that one basted and the binding sewn down on the other, then I plan on working on one of mine.... Or the other small project for a gift.  Plenty around here to play on. 

That quilt that I sent in was my own design.  I need to find a picture of that and show it.  I don't think I put it on the blog yet because it was for a contest.  Some contests want an orginial that has never, I mean NEVER been seen anywhere.  No pictures on line, not facebook, not blogs, or emails, nothing.  Ok, lets not get too weird.  Besides I have a really tough time keeping secrets.  I love to see quilts, show them and take pictures.  So when someone says please don't , I do put the camera away.  No mistakes on my part to ruin their chance to be in a certain contest. 

So go to the Quilter's Treasure Site and scroll down alittle to see the names of the winners.  Go through google.... I have to go do a happy dance now!!!   Patty

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