Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Not much to say today... I went to the dr's on friday and been put on some meds to help balance some things out.  So I'm worn out.  Getting older is not for the lazy or faint of heart.  You have to work at it sometimes!  I am not worried about anything and this should make things work better shortly.

I did get to work some more on the Modern quilt.  It will need a name or title.  It kind of looks like a circuit board... so maybe the mother board?  Or software?  I'm not sure yet.  Names usually come while working on a quilt.  I may have to take it to bee or the guild meetings to ask them for suggestions.  I remember one 9 patch quilt that I quilted by hand... it was 118" x 118", and shrank to 114" x 114" once it was quilted.... I ended up calling it the damned 9 patch.  Just seemed to go on forever in the frame!  Once you got to one side, you had to go back and work your way to the other edge... No more that big.

So how big a quilt do you usually work on?  I seem to do a lot of wall hangings.  They are an easy size to try new techniques.  And most challenges pick a small size to get more entries done by the deadline.  Those deadlines can be stressful, or the push you need to get to it!  Been doing several throw sizes lately, also an easy size to get done quickly.  But the sheep are that size and they don't seem to get attention....

So more in a few days.  Just need some rest.  Take it easy everyone!  More flurries today.  Time to go back to hibernating.  Patty

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  1. Patty - hope you are okay. Sounds like mid-February blues. February was always a real challenge in most parts of the Northern Hemisphere. Not quite bright enough to overcome the blues, no overzealous hope of mid-winter holidays, just the hard reality of winter.

    Good news from us - My hubby started a T-shirt quilt - he cut out a bunch of his Harley Davidson collection, ironed on the light-weight interfacing and laid them out in a remarkably appealing design! He's getting really good at this and he's enjoying the activity that keeps him busy. I am nearly done with the 'Big Red Kahuna', only one more block to make and then sashing to set off the blocks - the red and white will be joined by a warm gold kapa design print - Red and gold are the colors of the beautiful bird-feather capes worn by Hawaiian leaders and royalty - the Alii. So it is especially appropriate that the Kahuna be of these colors. You're going to enjoy it and I am going to try to get it to you soon to brighten up your dreary February days!! Take care and be safe, take care of yourself and never be sad about getting older - we're all in the same boat! C