Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Saturday, February 2, 2013

and I had to slip and slide to get back home.  You wouldn't think that 2" would make such a mess.  But it was 26 degrees out and some of it froze on a couple of the highways... there were tracks where people slid, went off the road, and spun around.  Looks like they had fun without knowing it!  Some were still stuck on the sides of the road and down in the ditches.

So I didn't get to the Modern Quilt guild meeting!  This is the third time I wanted to go and there was something that got in the way.  I even had show and tell in the car! 

My friend and I met for breakfast and went to a couple of stores.  The guy in the last store said he had 2 people call in saying they couldn't get there because of the snow.  Now there wasn't any at the store!  So we asked where they were....north of there...I had to go past that to get home.  And so started the drive.... Edgemoor Road and Melton Lake Road were covered in snow and ice.  The salt trucks hadn't gotten there yet!  It was ok in Oak Ridge. 

So I have been home getting some quilting done.  No surprise there.  I also have been washing laundry in the bath tub...did I tell you about the washer deciding not to complete cycles?  What a pain.  I unplugged it to let it "reboot" the computer in it, and a big spark came out of the outlet as I tried to plug it back in.  So Sears repairman is coming... on wednesday.  So I'm washing clothes in the tub as I need them so I don't run out of things.... Not too bad, but I'm not washing towels or heavy pants.  But my exercise stuff needs that. 

SMQ's meeting in next Tuesday night.  I have to go... got paperwork to drop off and pick up.  I'm hoping the weather will stop all this fooling around! 

To succeed in Life yu need 3 things... a wish bone, a back bone and a funny bone.


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