Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Here it is getting the borders marked. 

Now it's in the frame getting hand quilted!  Turning out really nice!

The 4 patch is done!  And the edges lie flat.  They didn't the first time I put on the took it all off, and put it on again.  Had an extra 3" of binding left over!  No wonder the edges were wavy!  I hate that.  Has to be nice. 

We are exchanging bags in Bee.  This one gets perfume bottles.  Mine is the pink one.  Doesn't look quite as nice as the other two.  But I do like the shape and color.  Hard to make fabric look like glass.

At Bits and Pieces Guild meeting today, we showed how to do different things.  A couple of the women had taken a class on working with the wedge shaped ruler.  She has some really nice pieces!

Another was showing us how to do the exploding pineapple block...the blocks with the yellow in them.  I like this quilt.

Scrapy ideas!  Use up all those strips you have sitting under the table!
Great ideas.  These women really share ideas and stories.  Love it!  It's also the start of quilt show season.  Two coming up in March, or maybe more.  They are close by so I can go see them and get home in one day. 
Well, it's time to turn around and quilt.  I have to start on another quilt tomorrow for a customer, so it's onto the sheep quilt tonight and get as much done as I can!
Come to the dark side.
We have chocolate!

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