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Castles in Moonlight
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Monday, February 4, 2013

And playing under the table!

I have been working on things around the house... not neccessarily because I want
to, but because I'm the only one around here!

Just too much fun with things running through my head!  Remember all those fun things.  Too bad we had to wait so long to do them again.  When was the last time you climbed a tree?  Don't forget to play and do something fun.

My washer is still broken, so I have been hand washing clothes. Not fun, but at least they aren't piling up until the guy comes to look at the machine. Sears wanted me to pay them $249 up front and that would take care of the first $500 worth of repairs. If it went over that, or I just wanted to get a newer machine, then I would get a voucher for $500.  And what if it didn't come to $500 in repairs?   Mmmm?  So that also would lock me into a Sears machine.  Now I liked Kenmore, BUT, and this is a biggy in my book, Sears closed the store in Oak Ridge!!!!  That store was 4th in the nation for sellling appliances.  So why close it?  Does that make sense?  Not to me.  Now I have to drive down in to Knoxville and go to a Mall... my least favorite place to go!  I mean, I just don't go to malls.  And a friend of mine said you can't even order things at the store, you have to go on line.  She and her hubby ordered all the kitchen appliances and were supposed to get them mid December...well, it is February, and no appliances!  Cancelled orders, mixed up phone calls, promised delivery days, and nothing.  NOTHING.  But the credit card was charged.  Ooooo.  Needless to say, they are going to buy the things else where.  Now if I will have to get another washer, I'm buying locally.  There's still some places in Oak Ridge that sell things.  Or I'll go to a few places that have the machines in the store and clerks that actually know what's going on. 

In the mean time, my hands are downy soft!  I have the quilt in the frame quilted out as far as I can go.  So that will come out of the frame and I'll quilt out to the edges.   Then trim it and put the binding on.... the owner will flip the binding over and hand stitch it down.  I have to baste the next one for the frame.  Also been working on the baby quilt. 

And the bags for Bee!  Those are turning out so cute!  Which is why there is a picture of the blue meanie glove there.  I had to find it so I could put one on the next bag!  It's all the yellow submarine fabrics.  So cute.... so you need a meanie lurking around. 

Tuesday night is SMQ's meeting.  Turn in your quilt entry forms for the show!  I did.... and found the quilts in my back room.....need to check and make sure there are labels on all and casings.  If I wait until the last minute, I usually forget something!  So I try to stay ahead of things..... Doesn't always work. 

I did go to the Dollar Store today.  They have a fresh batch of pool noodles in.  Why get those?  You can roll quilts onto them for storage.  Make a "sock" out of a twin bed sheet to protect the quilts on the roll.  The width of a twin sheet is the same width of a pool noodle.  Think they did that on purpose?    You can get 3 or 4 "socks" from each sheet.  Anyway, I must have over a dozen noodles with quilts on them already.  But I keep making quilts.  So I got them at $1 each!  What a deal.  Go get noodles now before the warm weather comes and they are gone!

I'm also organizing a project for someone... Mmmm?  How much can I say without giving it away?  Well, that was it. 

Don't forget to be AMAZING!  You are a warrior!  Go get 'em girls!!!!   Patty

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  1. Thanks for the smart idea on the foam noodles - I normally use them when I go snorkeling to look at beautiful reef fish out here! Or to stop dust from coming in from under the door. We're thinking about putting the retired ones to work holding quilts!

    My husband has finished his quilt top and I am teaching him to sandwich it to prepare for machine quilting. He made a few mistakes, but I think he did great on his first attempt! I'll send some photos later on. I am really proud of him.

    I love the Blue Meanie fabric - how wonderful!