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Monday, February 11, 2013

The Modern quilt in the frame....

And so it goes.... I just keep working!
I work on one for a while, then move to the next. I don't get bored, and all of a sudden it seems like everything will be done!  I like having several going at once.  And there are plenty more waiting in the cabinets, boxes, rubbermaid totes, and all around the room!  I can't help it.  I need to baste a couple of quilts.  At bee we can push tables together and have a big space to work on.  But I don't like taking customers things out of the house.  If anything should happen to them, I would be heart broken, let alone what they might think and feel.  These are wonderful works of art.  Too bad the whole world doesn't see them as that.  And there's another rant I can do some day...

There are many, many different styles of quilts.  Just like music has many different styles.  And many times, quilts can be either one or the other when entering a show, you have to really read the listings to see their discriptions and see where you fit.  Now people used to applique OR piece quilts.  Then they started to add applique over a pieced background.  Made for very interesting quilts, but the shows didn't know what to do at first.  So they had to open up a new catagory, Mixed.  Then came contemporary... and art, pictorial, adding in large and small sizes to several of these.  And with more people machine quilting, they added those in, but it doubled the catagories, and thus doubled the prizes... and most shows couldn't afford this. So machine quilting and hand quilting are all together once again.  And now comes along modern quilts.  It is a different look.  Not unlike mixing amish and traditional...swirl in contemporary, and you got it.  But discriptions vary, so check with the shows. 

Now I hand quilt... no surprize there.   But I wish the machine quilting and hand quilting were seperate.  How can I compete against someone who puts in several large spools of thread into each quilt in a short period of time.  Is it better because it's got quilting every 1/4" to 1/8"?  So I still hand quilt and enter shows mainly to show that I'm still doing this and it's advertising for me.  I can show people that this is what my stitches look like.  I totally enjoy the process of making quilts.  But when someone comes up to me and asks why am I still hand quilting.... geeze.  Give me a break.  It's what I want to do, and I really don't feel like I have to use a machine just because they are there.

"Made in America" has been helpful to me in a way.  But in the quilting world, we (as in quilters) have been fighting to get that recognition for a long time.  Or have people forgotten about the quilts being made in China and being passed off as American quilts?  Several women in my Bee are the ones who organized to AT LEAST get tags on those things to show where they were made.  And most of those are gone now if you washed them twice!  So actual quilts made in America are going to be around for a lot longer than we will be here.  Go to any quilt show, local or national, and see the gorgeous quilts that are being made!  Most of them are for fun and are by beginners.  Some are made by people who are much better, and still having fun....that includes me... and there are others who are doing this to win.   They make amazing quilts.  They are for show only.  And they will win many THOUSANDS of dollars.  So if you go to buy a quilt sometime and it's only $500, you are getting a deal.  If it took 2 to 6 months to make, how much do you make in that time frame?  Want to turn over your whole paycheck for that time frame?  Probably not. 

Fabric prices have gone up again mainly because of shipping costs.  I'm so glad I have alot of fabric right now.  Because $12 a yard and up is now the standard for good fabric. I have trouble just buying a few yards to have it sit on the shelf for years at that price.  But I will get good fabric to make quilts because I want to have good quilts. 

Ok, there's a couple of explanations and a rant or two.  You can tell I have sat and quilted for days without talking to too many people.  My mind starts in on these things, and splat, they end up all over the blog!  What bugs you about quilting?  Price?  Workmanship?  Entry forms, and details?  I haven't been entering too many shows the last 2 or 3 years.  Between the scheduling for entering, shipping, shows, costs, photography, filling in forms, etc.  You need a break from it for a while.  Now I have been making fun quilts and back to just enjoying the creative part again.  Yea, that's what it's all about. 

So wake up and be awesome!!!  Patty

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  1. About that "Made in America" label, Don't forget that products made in Guam or the Federated States of Micronesia can be considered "Made in America" despite the sweatshop work environment and miniscule wages paid per piece to the workers. All because the have commonwealth or protectorate status. It's just not up-front honesty to claim a quilt is hand made in America when it comes from one of these places and is often just finished there after being shipped over from China, from yet another sweatshop. Yuck!