Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
Have plenty more castles!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Here it is getting the borders marked. 

Now it's in the frame getting hand quilted!  Turning out really nice!

The 4 patch is done!  And the edges lie flat.  They didn't the first time I put on the took it all off, and put it on again.  Had an extra 3" of binding left over!  No wonder the edges were wavy!  I hate that.  Has to be nice. 

We are exchanging bags in Bee.  This one gets perfume bottles.  Mine is the pink one.  Doesn't look quite as nice as the other two.  But I do like the shape and color.  Hard to make fabric look like glass.

At Bits and Pieces Guild meeting today, we showed how to do different things.  A couple of the women had taken a class on working with the wedge shaped ruler.  She has some really nice pieces!

Another was showing us how to do the exploding pineapple block...the blocks with the yellow in them.  I like this quilt.

Scrapy ideas!  Use up all those strips you have sitting under the table!
Great ideas.  These women really share ideas and stories.  Love it!  It's also the start of quilt show season.  Two coming up in March, or maybe more.  They are close by so I can go see them and get home in one day. 
Well, it's time to turn around and quilt.  I have to start on another quilt tomorrow for a customer, so it's onto the sheep quilt tonight and get as much done as I can!
Come to the dark side.
We have chocolate!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Wow, today's the 26th!?  Days go by now and all blend together.  Several times I have had to change my lovely routine around to accommidate strange things that only happen once in a great Sears coming to check the appliances in the kitchen.  4 appliances, guess how many men it takes to check that many?  One....nope....two....wrong again.  It took 3 different service men to come and check a microwave, cooktop, dishwasher, and the fridge.  So you spend a good part of the day waiting  for these guys to show up, each in his own truck with his own bag of tools to check things.  Thank goodness that everything is covered in those service contracts....that you forget you have spent the money on!!!!  And the sales pitch about how they will come once a year... well you forget about that until it's time to renew the contract and they tell you that again.  So I had them come out.  And they turned on the equipement and said, "Yup, it's running."  And that was it.  Should I renew the contract?  Well.... Terry wants to retire next year, so if you pay for this thing now, and anything goes wrong with the appliances, then it's worth it.  If nothing goes wrong with them, then you have not exactly wasted can have several guys come to the house to check your stuff.  But if something DOES go wrong, then it's worth it's weight in gold.  So we are going to bite the bullet and get it renewed....

As for quilting, I have been sitting at the frame and enjoying that blue quilt.  Adding in white stitching makes the stars shine.  Really pretty.  I also worked on the last bag, and put on a perfume bottle.  That was a challenge.  First of all, I couldn't tell you what perfumes are out there.  So I had to find one pretty bottle and do it in fabric.  I think it turned out neat.  Pictures at a later time....

Got alittle more into the sheep quilt.  Marked the border after finally deciding what to put on there.  It's a slow going thing.  Finished piecing a surprise for someone.... needs some applique on it. 

Guild in Norris tomorrow.  I will demo alittle something.  One woman took a class using the wedge ruler and needed ideas on what to do with the pieced section she finished.  I have made vests using those... so I'll show how I did that.

Ok?  Do you believe that spirits are around?  I find that a couple of little things have been going on around here, and just not sure what to make of it.  Coincidence?  Maybe.  Last night I got up to go the bathroom in the middle of the night and never turn on a light.   When I came back into the bedroom, there was a green light lit up on the cable box....?  That shouldn't be on.  And it went off later.  My CPAP machine lost pressure one night.... I turned it off and then back on.  No more problems.  Odd.  Then tonight when I was in the living room, something fell down into the bathtub... Just odd stuff, but I think I watch too many Ghost Hunter shows.  I kind of like the idea that someone is here with me.  Just not sure what to do with them.  I'm usually back in the bedroom to play nintendo, love Dr. Mario, but the box quit working.... so maybe they miss me being back there more!  Need my Dr. Mario fix!  Anyone have the NES nintendo box up for sale?

Ok, I'm alittle bit nerdy.  But matching up the colors quickly is kind of fun to me.  Well, got plenty of projects to go work on.  It's rainy again.  I'm so tired of winter!!!!!    Patty

Saturday, February 23, 2013

This is the one I just basted!  It's beautiful.  It's large!  And  it's going to take a long time to quilt this one!  It's actally 2 large blocks and they make up a wonderful pattern when put together.  The woman took 11 years to HAND piece this.  She did a super job.  Some of that time, she was taking care of someone else, so there was a pause in that 11 years. 
Ok, it took longer than I thought to mark the borders and baste it.  I was hopeing to be done  with the binding on the other quilt. 
Too much other stuff that isn't fun that I have to get done.  Paperwork and cleaning around here.  I put it off for a while.  But the sun is shine and the dust critters are laughing at me.  Time to go after them before they start to move the furniture around.
On facebook,  Quilt Life magazine had a question about "is hand quilting coming back?"  I got kind of miffed at that!  It didn't leave.  Machine quilting takes less time so more are made and shown, but it doesn't mean that hand quilting got less.  It just isn't RIGHT UP IN YOUR FACE.
Ok, I have to go and get some things done.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Ok, I'm super excited right now!  Just found out that I won the Quilters Treasure Challenge!  Tone wrote and told me, and she got 3rd!  How cool is that!  I had mailed it in in early December and hadn't heard if they had even gotten it until sometime in January... so I just didn't think about the possiblity of winning anything.  So this is really fun.  (Wonder what the prize is?  Never really worried about that!)  I just love to work on challenges.  Give me some fabric, rules, or theme and I get to them.  I'm in charge of the challenge at Ritzy Thimbles... so I'd better make one for that!

Tomorrow I'll post pictures of the quilt that I'm basting.  It's very big.  Will take 2 days to get done and in the frame.  It's beautiful.  All hand pieced by one woman and it took her 11 years.  Yes, eleven!  So I want to do a really wonderful job of hand quilting on this one!!!  Her hubby came with her, and he asked if it would take another 11 to quilt it.  Cheeky. 

Been busy running around all week.  So I'm sticking closer to home this weekend.  Once I get that one basted and the binding sewn down on the other, then I plan on working on one of mine.... Or the other small project for a gift.  Plenty around here to play on. 

That quilt that I sent in was my own design.  I need to find a picture of that and show it.  I don't think I put it on the blog yet because it was for a contest.  Some contests want an orginial that has never, I mean NEVER been seen anywhere.  No pictures on line, not facebook, not blogs, or emails, nothing.  Ok, lets not get too weird.  Besides I have a really tough time keeping secrets.  I love to see quilts, show them and take pictures.  So when someone says please don't , I do put the camera away.  No mistakes on my part to ruin their chance to be in a certain contest. 

So go to the Quilter's Treasure Site and scroll down alittle to see the names of the winners.  Go through google.... I have to go do a happy dance now!!!   Patty

Thursday, February 21, 2013

There are some amazing quilters in the Ritzy Timbles Guild!!!!  This isn't quilted yet...but really, who cares.  My jaw hit the floor when I saw this one! 

Narda does another super duper quilt.  She's sooo creative! 

See the light and dark stars!  Great design and workmanship.

Allison made another baby quilt that is soo cute!  Love the rickrack on it.

And the big beautiful quilts keep coming!

Here's an "eye spy" quilt with all the neat fabrics in it.

Santas galore!  Wonderful.

And a snowman!  Gives me an idea.....

These are the blocks for the drawing.  You make as many blocks as you want, and your name goes in to win all or part.  (I didn't win.)

this is my Modern quilt!  Not quite all quilted up yet, but almost....
So for a few days, I have been running around like a nut.  Got plenty done and a nap in between some things.  I don't feel great, but I can keep moving.  Something is bugging me and all tests are coming back "normal"..... what?  then what is wrong? 
You know, I swore that I wouldn't write about ever not feeling good.  So no more details.  This is a quilting blog... about a quilter. 
One quilt that I have worked on, the opposite, small edges were wavy.  It was driving me nuts.  So I took off the binding and put if back on again.  There was an extra 3" of fabric!  No wonder it was wavy.  Have to just finish sewing it over.  Then another quilt came in today!  A Grandmother's Flower Garden one.  It has quite a bit sewn up on it.  There is green in between each flower... and not enough green hexagrams to finish putting any more flowers on.. So we came up with an idea!  Use another color and put another row of flowers all the way around the whole quilt!  OK!  This could work.  So that one in now in line....
I have to baste a very big quilt next.  Will take up the table for a few days.  That will go into the frame.  Then sew down the binding on the baby quilt.  Make a small project, and get started on the next throw for a customer.  Two other small quilts waiting, a holiday wallhanging, then the Grandmother's Flower Garden.  A quilter's work is never done!    Probably got enough for the rest of the year right now....and MY STUFF!  Don't forget to do your own things.....
I am almost done with the one I have been dragging to bee.  It's a lone star quilt in nice pastels.  Quilting the borders now,, and have to fill in a few areas with something.  Just too much space with nothing in there around the feathers.  The sheep are over to one side while I use the table... and the modern quilt only needs to be quilted out to the edges and a binding.... Geeze.  I need to quilt in my sleep.  I only design in my dreams right now. 
Oh, yea... and one more bag to work on... for thursday Bee.  I'm ahead of everyone else, so it's ok. 
If you get a chance, and want some eye candy, go to Off the Wall, the world of wearables.  It's a contest down in New Zealand, held once a year (I think).  The clothes are art, and wild!  I really want one of the books of the costumes!!! 
Play, sew, have fun.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

What has happened to the days!!?  They are all blurred together with getting things done and being organized to get them done.  Terry left monday and I spend ALL day running around.  Did get somethings done that HAD to get done.  I had things in a shop to be sold... and went and got the left overs today.  Now come to find out that $136 worth of things had sold and I never got paid!  What would you do?  The shop has changed hands, so it's up to the previous owner to pay me, and she's in another state.  Here I go again with trying something different only to have it bite me.  I'm going to try and get my half of the money. 

Then I went and got 3 more of the cardboard boxes that look like books.  They are a great size for storing things in like buttons,zippers, etc.  So I have quite a few now and will fill them up with goodies to put on quilts.  After getting those, got least at Kroger, I can get a discount from buying food.  What's up with gas prices again?  Off for lunch and a couple more errands.  Out until about 2pm.  I'm never out running that much. 

Get home and started putting things away, and more things to go somewhere else, and then get more stuff sorted out.  Time for dinner and then the guild meeting.  Got show and tell bagged up and other things to talk about.  Then I started to look for some paper work that should have been handy.  Yea, right.... I still need to organize that paperwork better.  And if I use a computor, it will be for a paperweight!  Just don't want to have to fight with a computer to do things MY way.  I don't want my programing to change. 

So need to baste the next quilt to go into the frame, and get started on the next quilt to be pieced.  Add in a surprise gift for someone... and keep working on the sheep.  And I don't have time in the next 2 1/2 days to do any of this!  UGH!  I now have  a test I have to go have done on thursday morning first thing, so no eating that morning.... more on that when I get results.  Or why worry. 

Keep going and try to stay a day ahead of everyone!  Yard sales this summer to get rid of my extra stuff around here.  Unless I can figure out Craigs list! 

Stay calm and quilt.  Patty

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Not much to say today... I went to the dr's on friday and been put on some meds to help balance some things out.  So I'm worn out.  Getting older is not for the lazy or faint of heart.  You have to work at it sometimes!  I am not worried about anything and this should make things work better shortly.

I did get to work some more on the Modern quilt.  It will need a name or title.  It kind of looks like a circuit board... so maybe the mother board?  Or software?  I'm not sure yet.  Names usually come while working on a quilt.  I may have to take it to bee or the guild meetings to ask them for suggestions.  I remember one 9 patch quilt that I quilted by hand... it was 118" x 118", and shrank to 114" x 114" once it was quilted.... I ended up calling it the damned 9 patch.  Just seemed to go on forever in the frame!  Once you got to one side, you had to go back and work your way to the other edge... No more that big.

So how big a quilt do you usually work on?  I seem to do a lot of wall hangings.  They are an easy size to try new techniques.  And most challenges pick a small size to get more entries done by the deadline.  Those deadlines can be stressful, or the push you need to get to it!  Been doing several throw sizes lately, also an easy size to get done quickly.  But the sheep are that size and they don't seem to get attention....

So more in a few days.  Just need some rest.  Take it easy everyone!  More flurries today.  Time to go back to hibernating.  Patty

Thursday, February 14, 2013

The upper pictures are the baby quilt that I am almost finished with.  Just needs a binding.  Yea!  I do like that one.  Simple 4 patches turned in different directions.  This next one is the modern quilt that I'm hand quilting.  Lots of gray in there.
And finally, another one of the bags that is being passed around.  I did the bunch of flowers right in the middle.    I'm almost done working on each one.  Just too much creative fun.
Happy Valentines' day.  I like this holiday.  Just love, flowers and spend some time with someone nice.  Terry is home and we are going out to dinner.  Which means no rants today, Ihave to go get dressed up!  And since I'm so out of practice...I'd better get to it! 
Snuggle with someone tonight!

Monday, February 11, 2013

The Modern quilt in the frame....

And so it goes.... I just keep working!
I work on one for a while, then move to the next. I don't get bored, and all of a sudden it seems like everything will be done!  I like having several going at once.  And there are plenty more waiting in the cabinets, boxes, rubbermaid totes, and all around the room!  I can't help it.  I need to baste a couple of quilts.  At bee we can push tables together and have a big space to work on.  But I don't like taking customers things out of the house.  If anything should happen to them, I would be heart broken, let alone what they might think and feel.  These are wonderful works of art.  Too bad the whole world doesn't see them as that.  And there's another rant I can do some day...

There are many, many different styles of quilts.  Just like music has many different styles.  And many times, quilts can be either one or the other when entering a show, you have to really read the listings to see their discriptions and see where you fit.  Now people used to applique OR piece quilts.  Then they started to add applique over a pieced background.  Made for very interesting quilts, but the shows didn't know what to do at first.  So they had to open up a new catagory, Mixed.  Then came contemporary... and art, pictorial, adding in large and small sizes to several of these.  And with more people machine quilting, they added those in, but it doubled the catagories, and thus doubled the prizes... and most shows couldn't afford this. So machine quilting and hand quilting are all together once again.  And now comes along modern quilts.  It is a different look.  Not unlike mixing amish and traditional...swirl in contemporary, and you got it.  But discriptions vary, so check with the shows. 

Now I hand quilt... no surprize there.   But I wish the machine quilting and hand quilting were seperate.  How can I compete against someone who puts in several large spools of thread into each quilt in a short period of time.  Is it better because it's got quilting every 1/4" to 1/8"?  So I still hand quilt and enter shows mainly to show that I'm still doing this and it's advertising for me.  I can show people that this is what my stitches look like.  I totally enjoy the process of making quilts.  But when someone comes up to me and asks why am I still hand quilting.... geeze.  Give me a break.  It's what I want to do, and I really don't feel like I have to use a machine just because they are there.

"Made in America" has been helpful to me in a way.  But in the quilting world, we (as in quilters) have been fighting to get that recognition for a long time.  Or have people forgotten about the quilts being made in China and being passed off as American quilts?  Several women in my Bee are the ones who organized to AT LEAST get tags on those things to show where they were made.  And most of those are gone now if you washed them twice!  So actual quilts made in America are going to be around for a lot longer than we will be here.  Go to any quilt show, local or national, and see the gorgeous quilts that are being made!  Most of them are for fun and are by beginners.  Some are made by people who are much better, and still having fun....that includes me... and there are others who are doing this to win.   They make amazing quilts.  They are for show only.  And they will win many THOUSANDS of dollars.  So if you go to buy a quilt sometime and it's only $500, you are getting a deal.  If it took 2 to 6 months to make, how much do you make in that time frame?  Want to turn over your whole paycheck for that time frame?  Probably not. 

Fabric prices have gone up again mainly because of shipping costs.  I'm so glad I have alot of fabric right now.  Because $12 a yard and up is now the standard for good fabric. I have trouble just buying a few yards to have it sit on the shelf for years at that price.  But I will get good fabric to make quilts because I want to have good quilts. 

Ok, there's a couple of explanations and a rant or two.  You can tell I have sat and quilted for days without talking to too many people.  My mind starts in on these things, and splat, they end up all over the blog!  What bugs you about quilting?  Price?  Workmanship?  Entry forms, and details?  I haven't been entering too many shows the last 2 or 3 years.  Between the scheduling for entering, shipping, shows, costs, photography, filling in forms, etc.  You need a break from it for a while.  Now I have been making fun quilts and back to just enjoying the creative part again.  Yea, that's what it's all about. 

So wake up and be awesome!!!  Patty

Sunday, February 10, 2013

I have been quilting for 2 days now.  My fingers are sore, but I'm happy.  The modern quilt is coming along quickly.  The baby quilt has 12 blocks out of 80 to go.  The Sheep barely got anything done on it.  I'm happy that things are getting done. 

I have also been doing a little reorganizing of the boxes that hold things like zippers, elastic, and things like that.  I got the boxes that look like books from Michaels store.  They fit in the cabinet really well and look better than those boxes that I have been using for over 30 years.  I need to go through other cabinets to sort out the stuff in there.  I have been getting things and just sticking them in there without sorting.  So it's starting to spill out when you open the doors!  I hate to spend time doing this, but it's either this or spending time digging when I want to just  grab something and get to work.

On a different note, do you ever wonder what happened to some people from your past?  Not old boyfriends, but friends from the family's past.  I was thinking about some that I last heard they lived on Long Island...which got hit by that storm.  So of course you wonder if they are there and ok.  Well, I found the family, and they may be do you call out of the blue?  I want to.  The parents were friends of my parents, so much so, they were my godparents.  Their son was my age.  The daughter was my brother's age, and there were 2 younger my sister had to hang out with them.  Not always a good time, but families that were together alot way back when we were little. 

So I guess I should call, or nothing will happen....

And what's up with naming winter storms?  You know it snows every year!  It's winter, duh.  I don't understand why people don't get ready for weather.  You get food into the house and have snacks and water in the cars...and blankets.  Then you don't go driving in it unless someone is hurt and needs medical attention.  And even at that, you take a risk.  Common sense is really gone.  Winterize your house and car and stay put.  Make quilts.  Eat chocolate.  Sit in front of the fireplace and enjoy the quiet.  Name kids.  Name cars.  Name your house and each quilt.... but if it is raining or snowing, could you not get so excited and have to call it something.  If you didn't make it, you shouldn't name it. 

Ok, I'm good.  A little ranting is fine.  That was mine... and now back to our regularly scheduled show....

Cut and sew... Patty

Friday, February 8, 2013

And I started working on my modern quilt.  I'm not in love with grey for the main color of a quilt, but it sure is easy on the eyes!  All straight lines, so I'm hoping to get it done very very quickly!

Not a busy-run-around day.  I worked out, got stuff at Home Depot... house air filters and light blubs.  It's right next to the gym.  I usually go food shopping, but I have more than enough around here for the weekend!  I didn't feel like walking around there.

So this weekend, I can quilt all I want, go have a coffee, or go antiqueing!  I love that and haven't done that in ages!  So I may just have to call up a friend and get out of the house.  The sun was out today and it was wonderful to see!  My sister lives in NH and is getting plastered with snow.... Not my choice to live up there! 

I did spend over an hour on a fabric site last night, and when I hit the button to finish up the ordering of batiks, it locked up on me.  So forget it.  I would have bought the fabrics!  I was having a good time picking them out.  But when computers mess up, I don't want to do things over and over.... I would rather get in the car and drive 1 hour to touch the fabrics and pick them out.  I have gotten some fabric on line.  Usually something very different that isn't in shops much, a certain print.  But just to pick out colors and patterns, I still like being there. 

There are 9 to 11 shops that have fabrics around here.  I do have a tendency to buy fabrics when I'm on vacations and trip.  You see different "flavors" in different areas.  So it's great to pick some up on trips.  Locally, I have a tendency to look for the sale things.  I do have quite a stash, so it's not like I am hurting for choices at home.... but I tend to use up certain colors that I love.  Or new colors come out.  Anyways, it's all fun! 

I have another bag to work on, and I did sew up the block for the block drawing at the local guild.  I need to get my ideas going on the challenge that I issued!  What was that again!  Oh, "things that go together."  I keep going back to 2 peas in a pod... A couple of other ideas have been buzzing around, so that's why I haven't gotten out the fabrics yet....

Time to get something else done around here!  Go and Be Awesome!!!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Ok, the repair man just left (7:10)...he got here at 5:45.  And the conclusion was, a power surge must have happened... nothing was wrong with the machine.  nothing... nada.  That was $138.  Thank you. 

So, I give up.  It could have been the mother board, or the gears...but it was the electricity coming into the house or lighting?  Great... Well, back to doing the laundry by machine again tomorrow.   At least tomorrow is Bee day.  I need the girls.

Smoky Mt Quilt Guild meeting was ok.  The show is coming up in March, so they are getting busier.  Did make alot of announcements.  I turned in a small quilt for the sale and picked up the paperwork for the quilts I have entered.   I exchanged a bag with Jane for Bee.  I'm having so much fun working on those.  I'm almost done with Gloria's.  Her's is the Beatles, so I put on a blue meanie glove!

Since I took one out of the frame yesterday, I put my modern quilt in there.  So I have been quilting on that one all afternoon (waiting for repair guy).  Got quite a bit done on it since it's straight lines.  The quilt isn't that big, maybe a throw size, so I want to get it done right away.  My stack of unquilted tops is falling over.  I haven't worked on the sheep quilt in many days. 

Not much else on the calendar for the week.  Many errands.  How can those lists get so long all the time.  Go here and there and back again.  Geeze.  Well, it's dark out and I forgot to bring in the mail... I also noticed that the tire on one car in the garage was flat... must have been a surge.

(as she ran screaming into the night.... )


Monday, February 4, 2013

And playing under the table!

I have been working on things around the house... not neccessarily because I want
to, but because I'm the only one around here!

Just too much fun with things running through my head!  Remember all those fun things.  Too bad we had to wait so long to do them again.  When was the last time you climbed a tree?  Don't forget to play and do something fun.

My washer is still broken, so I have been hand washing clothes. Not fun, but at least they aren't piling up until the guy comes to look at the machine. Sears wanted me to pay them $249 up front and that would take care of the first $500 worth of repairs. If it went over that, or I just wanted to get a newer machine, then I would get a voucher for $500.  And what if it didn't come to $500 in repairs?   Mmmm?  So that also would lock me into a Sears machine.  Now I liked Kenmore, BUT, and this is a biggy in my book, Sears closed the store in Oak Ridge!!!!  That store was 4th in the nation for sellling appliances.  So why close it?  Does that make sense?  Not to me.  Now I have to drive down in to Knoxville and go to a Mall... my least favorite place to go!  I mean, I just don't go to malls.  And a friend of mine said you can't even order things at the store, you have to go on line.  She and her hubby ordered all the kitchen appliances and were supposed to get them mid December...well, it is February, and no appliances!  Cancelled orders, mixed up phone calls, promised delivery days, and nothing.  NOTHING.  But the credit card was charged.  Ooooo.  Needless to say, they are going to buy the things else where.  Now if I will have to get another washer, I'm buying locally.  There's still some places in Oak Ridge that sell things.  Or I'll go to a few places that have the machines in the store and clerks that actually know what's going on. 

In the mean time, my hands are downy soft!  I have the quilt in the frame quilted out as far as I can go.  So that will come out of the frame and I'll quilt out to the edges.   Then trim it and put the binding on.... the owner will flip the binding over and hand stitch it down.  I have to baste the next one for the frame.  Also been working on the baby quilt. 

And the bags for Bee!  Those are turning out so cute!  Which is why there is a picture of the blue meanie glove there.  I had to find it so I could put one on the next bag!  It's all the yellow submarine fabrics.  So cute.... so you need a meanie lurking around. 

Tuesday night is SMQ's meeting.  Turn in your quilt entry forms for the show!  I did.... and found the quilts in my back room.....need to check and make sure there are labels on all and casings.  If I wait until the last minute, I usually forget something!  So I try to stay ahead of things..... Doesn't always work. 

I did go to the Dollar Store today.  They have a fresh batch of pool noodles in.  Why get those?  You can roll quilts onto them for storage.  Make a "sock" out of a twin bed sheet to protect the quilts on the roll.  The width of a twin sheet is the same width of a pool noodle.  Think they did that on purpose?    You can get 3 or 4 "socks" from each sheet.  Anyway, I must have over a dozen noodles with quilts on them already.  But I keep making quilts.  So I got them at $1 each!  What a deal.  Go get noodles now before the warm weather comes and they are gone!

I'm also organizing a project for someone... Mmmm?  How much can I say without giving it away?  Well, that was it. 

Don't forget to be AMAZING!  You are a warrior!  Go get 'em girls!!!!   Patty

Sunday, February 3, 2013

And outside....more snow!  Cleared it off once, and there is more snow already.

About 2" of it last night.

So? What do you do when it snows outside?  The first picture is the bag for another Bee that I worked on.  Wild women!  I love working on these bags.  Next picture is the silly blue bird pen that I walked past in Walmart.... and he came home with me.  Love blue and tall birds... so he sits there and laughs with me.

Then we had more snow last night.  It's wet, heavy snow.  Should go build a snowman today.  Pushed it off the drive way... the shovel is in a shed and I'm not trudging down the backyard to find it.  So I used the big broom and pushed it away.    I'm not planning on going anywhere today. 

Which is fine.  My washer is broken... and the clothes were piling up.  So into the tub with water and soap.  They are clean and dripping now.  I love dry racks.  They are full.  I think I must have been a pioneer woman in a previous life.  I don't mind washing clothes by hand.  I do love working with fibers and playing in the water.  Course, the rivers are frozen so I can't go beat things on a rock for a while!  Sears is coming on Wednesday afternoon...

So laundry by hand, shoveled snow, got the sunday paper, and the section with the funnies and suduko are NOT in there!!!  Bugger.  This happens every once in a while.  And that's one of the favorite parts of the paper.  So the planets are not lined up right at all.  Time to get more to eat and get to quilting.  At least that's fun! 

When you get snowed in, what do you like to do?  I figure it's a "free" day.  Like landing on the free space in Monopoly.  Just can sit there and do something fun for a day.  Pull out other fabrics and start something new?  Or get to a project that has been waiting for you.  I have so many of those it isn't funny.  So I need to eat and get down to it!!! 

Have some fun today!  Snowmen, quilts and hot chocolate!  Who could ask for anything more....well, ok, a very large piece of jewerly....   Patty

Saturday, February 2, 2013

and I had to slip and slide to get back home.  You wouldn't think that 2" would make such a mess.  But it was 26 degrees out and some of it froze on a couple of the highways... there were tracks where people slid, went off the road, and spun around.  Looks like they had fun without knowing it!  Some were still stuck on the sides of the road and down in the ditches.

So I didn't get to the Modern Quilt guild meeting!  This is the third time I wanted to go and there was something that got in the way.  I even had show and tell in the car! 

My friend and I met for breakfast and went to a couple of stores.  The guy in the last store said he had 2 people call in saying they couldn't get there because of the snow.  Now there wasn't any at the store!  So we asked where they were....north of there...I had to go past that to get home.  And so started the drive.... Edgemoor Road and Melton Lake Road were covered in snow and ice.  The salt trucks hadn't gotten there yet!  It was ok in Oak Ridge. 

So I have been home getting some quilting done.  No surprise there.  I also have been washing laundry in the bath tub...did I tell you about the washer deciding not to complete cycles?  What a pain.  I unplugged it to let it "reboot" the computer in it, and a big spark came out of the outlet as I tried to plug it back in.  So Sears repairman is coming... on wednesday.  So I'm washing clothes in the tub as I need them so I don't run out of things.... Not too bad, but I'm not washing towels or heavy pants.  But my exercise stuff needs that. 

SMQ's meeting in next Tuesday night.  I have to go... got paperwork to drop off and pick up.  I'm hoping the weather will stop all this fooling around! 

To succeed in Life yu need 3 things... a wish bone, a back bone and a funny bone.