Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Sunday, January 27, 2013

You have any great music that you put on to get you moving and creating?  I have Tower of Power on the tv.  Their 40th anniversary special was great!!!  I just ordered a couple of cd's to have in here and the car.  Just love their funk!  They are playing in Nashville in April!  OMG.  I really should try to go.  They are just a blast!  Like listening to all bright colors!

I have been getting little things done.  There has been a pile of junk on one side of the table with the sewing machine.  So I have ironed on interfacing onto t shirt designs that I cut out through out last year.  I have been working on the flannel slippers that I cut out sometime last year.  The pile is bottomless!  There are clothes that I cut out last spring!  The tank top needs to get sewn up!  I would never make it on project runway....only 1 day to sew something up... never.  And I did have a piece of that interfacing upside down.  Which is now stuck to the presser cloth.  (Swear here...)

So Terry got off ok on the plane... it takes me a couple of days to get things organized.  I have to pick up stuff that was left around.  Amazing how things can be out of place!  I also have to call the roofers tomorrow.  When that ice and rain was here, there was water dripping up under the porch roof.  Strange place to have water coming out!  And you could hear the dripping up in the roof.  So I can't fix that.  Time to call in the guys who worked on it!  Always something.

I'll go work out, then food shop, then home to call people.... THEN sew.  hopefully my fingers will be less sore and I can get into a rythum!!!   Patty


  1. I've done that with interfacing too --- makes you mad when it happens, I know!!! What weight interfacing are you using on your t-shirts? I hope you finger heals faster than it seems to be, although lots can be said for having to get at that pile of UFOs!

  2. I use the light weight to feather weight just to avoid stretching while working on them. I get it by the bolt I have done so many t shirt quilt tops for people. I usually just back mine although I need to tie them. They do slip alittle. But you can use they as duvet covers.

    Fingers are still sore, I quilted for hours yesterday! Just can't help myself! Got to run errands this morning. Bank, post office, drop off at Goodwill, and a coffee out! Aloha!