Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Daisies with 4 Patches, 35 x 30,  $175

Log Cow Bin 30 x 31, $75
and the Amish Stars 49 x 51, $250.

I have listed a few quilts here that are for sale.  I was asked by a friend if I had any available, and yes, I do.  So if anyone is interested, just let me know.

I have been inside all day with the terrible storm front going by.  Just don't like these storms so I have been sewing with all the lights on and everything unplugged! 

I marked and basted the modern quilt top.  Then I quilted for 2 hours on the one in the frame.  Lunch then more quilting on the one in the hoop.  By changing seats and positions, I don't hurt my back and can keep going!  I'm on my third movie!  Then I went and dug out quilts to take pictures.  I really want to sell off some things.  Just too many in that other room! 

Wow.  It's 10 to 5pm... Where did the last 2 hours go?  I loose track of things when I'm handling quilts!  Love it!

So in September we are planning our trip that will include time in Germany and Italy!  I'm ready!  If there is anyone out there that I could set up a meeting with over there, I would love it!  We will land in Munich, go into the Italian Alps for 3 days, then back to Munich and Stuttgard.  Love this trip already!  You can put your email into the comment section and I can talk with you through that! 

I love checking out all the countries that read this blog.  It is a small world when you see where people are that visit.  Thanks to everyone who stops by and takes a look at my quilts. 


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  1. My husband - who is retired and hanging out at home - is getting into quilting! Wow!!! He has been buying fabric and whacking up squares and triangles -- it is just really enjoyable to come home from work to see what he has done, not to mention his interest in all things fabric and design! He is watching YouTube and getting lots of good advice... we're going to set up a flannel wall so he can put up squares to see how he wants to lay them out. I never thought my husband would be such a great quilt enthusiast! In March, we will be going to the Merrie Monarch Hula Festival on Hawaii Island and I will be checking out all the quilt stores there -- they are participating in a Quilt Shop Hop for February, but I won't be there until late March,early April... still it will be fun. Merrie Monarch is the greatest place to see wonderful Hawaiian arts and crafts. Just Love It!

    Your trip sound very exciting -- I'm sure it will be a great adventure. I'd love to visit more of Europe, but it's so far away from me right now! I'm happy just to get back to the Mainland when I can. Thanks for the wonderful advice and helpful hints - Aloha Nui Loa