Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

What have I done the last 2 days?....Mmmm?  Got out my sheep quilt and worked on that.  Coming along as quickly as any hand quilting can go.  There was a party yesterday for the new year at noon.  I can handle that easier than a midnight party now!  Then my son came over and we had a small Christmas together with Terry! 

Now the new year is getting started.  I'll keep quilting!  I have been blogging for over a year now.  What have you liked the most on this blog?  Step by step things?  Just the quilt show pictures?  Letting you know what's happening around my house?  It's hard to come up with something every single day to write about.  And some quilt projects seem to take forever. watching paint dry, or grass grow.  Then all of a sudden it's done. 

One guild wants us to put down 6 projects that we want to finish this year.  As we get them done, they will keep track, and there's something at the end of the year.  Trouble is, I have so many to do for other people, I don't get too many done of mine.  Especially the big ones.  My frame is always full.  Purses or vests can get done in a couple of days.  Other little things are done to make me feel like I have actually gotten something done. 

I'm kind of in 4 guilds now.... one is just a really new one to me, I have to get to the first meeting!  It's the Modern quilt guild.  I'm very interested in this style.  The tops go together very quickly, but they all seem to be machine quilted.  So either I'm going to change that, or I'm going to get more things going under that sewing machine needle. 

2 other guilds are smaller.  Kind of nice to know almost everyone in there.  They laugh alot and really want to see more things and learn.  The larger guild has very big activities going on, like putting on the show every year.  But interest seems to be waning on having different teachers come in.  So that's why it's time for me to venture out of my comfort zone and go learn new things. 

I am always trying to get back into the sewing room.  Didn't feel great today.  Can't be the 1 1/2 glass of champange?  Yea probably.  I don't drink but thought,"what the hell," and took one.  Yucky stuff... So had one with orange juice in with it.... nay, still not great.  Anyways, it has to go through me to go away.  I just don't need to drink.  My body gets pretty mad at me. 

Fabric I can handle...a lot...all the time.  It's wonderful to see something come together with colors blending.  Something you can hold up and show the world that you are here!  Look what I did!  Need a walk in fridge so I can post some on it!  Like little kids pictures up in the kitchen.  These quilts will be around longer than I will.  At least there will be these to show the world that I was here.  Not a monument out of cold stone.  But a quilt that will warm people and make them feel cozy.  The world can never have too many quilts!

Keep quilting!  You are wonderful when you make things!  Patty

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  1. Patty write whatever you feel like, I love reading even if you don't show pictures or progress. Nice to 'listen' to someone without having to respond! Selfish? Maybe, but I still enjoy the read.