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Castles in Moonlight
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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Well, today I did speed cleaning.... yea, I'd better explain.  I hate to clean.  And if no one notices, why in the world are we putting ourselves out?  So you wait until they notice the place needs cleaning....and in everyone's eyes, that is a different level.  But then they will notice when it changes.  So your decision on when to start.

Ok, half an hour to one hour.  NO MORE should be spent at one time on cleaning.  Period.  First thing in the morning, vacuum the main drags in the house.  Go from one end to the other.  Don't look for the dust bunnies, too small a game.  Go for the elephants or alligators.  If you start at one end like the living room to the bedrooms this time, then the next time go from the bedrooms to the living room.  Different line of sight and you will see other dust animals lurking.  Go for the kill. 

You will work up a sweat.  Yea.  There's your new years' resolution to work out.  Next....dusting.  You know all those phone calls you get from people that  you don't want to talk to?  Play a game.  See how long you can keep them talking and dust while doing it.  That's how long you dust.  Don't go moving things around, go around things.  Again, go for the larger, and obvious clumps.  No one is coming over.  It's not a holiday.  It's winter.  You just don't want to sneeze and see dust on the sides of your slippers. 

Time to pick up the massive amounts of papers that are hanging out.  Throw out the newspapers, magazines, and cards that are just sitting there.  If you don't read them in 2 days of them coming in to the house, then throw them out.  I do save my quilting magazines, and my hubby saves the woodworking ones....but don't keep those paper products.  Dust catchers, and fire hazzards.... just do it.  Unless you are going to insulate with them, OUT!

I had a friend that started to give away 3 things every day!  EVERY DAY!  Really, you can do it.  3 of those old butter containers that are just making that drawer too full.... Go into the back of your sock drawer and actually get rid of the extra socks that you never wear anymore!  Doesn't take long to open one drawer in the morning and clear out 1/3 of the back bunch of stuff that is just sitting in there.  My parents used to use those things for rags and dusters.  So put them in the garage for the oily hands or throw them out.  It's ok.  I give you permission!   (Wave a wand here.)

If you bring something new into the house, then one or two things MUST go out.  Yes you can.... I'm waiting.  NOT FABRIC...I said old socks.  Truly we all have too much clutter.  Too many things.  We are going to remodel the 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms later this years.  There's also 5 closets!!!!  Full of crap!  So it's time to work it.  Time to thin the herd.  Ugh.  I'm not going to rent a storage space to drag it all there, then drag it all back, to then decide I don't need it all.  And then fill up nice new closets?  No way.

Well, that's my rant for the day.  I did vacuum from one end to the other.  Dusted as far as I could before I went looking for more of the refills for that duster thingy....and I'm out.  Shall I run to the store to grab some right this minute?  Not on your life.  Next time I'm in a store, I'll try to remember.  Time to go get a coffee at Books A Million...well, there is a dollar store next door.  So I'll go wander around that place and find something to dust with, and other junk...

Two meetings last night.  A board meeting to organize for the year.  That was fun.  Nice group!!!  I'm doing the challenges this year.  We'll let you know what it will be after I tell the guild.  Then the other big guild meeting.  Renewed my memberships to both.  After the meetings a few of us went out for tea.  Just nice to be able to talk things over with the girls!  So I went to bed really late last night.  And with having had tea, I didn't sleep well.  I have to wait up until 11pm to get Terry at the airport I might just have to have a nap later today!  Who ever thinks that I have all this "extra" time to just do what I want.... right.  Think again.  No woman truly has her own life to live.  There are others to take care of, and the house.  I don't mind, I just want people to know that I don't quilt constantly.  But I don't clean as much as others do either!

Get in there and throw something out today.  Then sew!!!!  You'll feel better all the way around.

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