Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

These are some of the blocks that the President of SMQ got as she stepped down from office. It's a tradition in most guilds now to make blocks for that. She gave us each a piece of fabric to incorporate into the blocks to have them all go together.
I really love the way they turned out. Can you pick mine out? If you have been reading my blog, I posted it a while ago....

Got Terry from the airport last night. He landed at 11pm....I was so tired by the time we got home. Slept in an extra hour this morning and still went to workout. But the time I got done on the tread mill (like a stupid hamster), guess what was going on outside the building? I parked way over to one side... and the LAWN guys were out there mowing!!! It's January! Didn't they get the memo that the grass doesn't grow in winter? And I had parked by the lawn figuring that this would not be going on. Those guys don't care if they get grass all over your car. Nor do they care if there are rocks or garbage there. It gets mowed and strewn all over the cars. You should have seen all the people going out there trying to move cars around. I just left. Got cleaned up at home. Laundry going and I'm ready for lunch.

  Nothing is normal today. What is normal anyways? Traditions have changed or faded away. I have Thursday bee every week that keeps me sane. Or at least it's the best part of my week!! Unfortunately, a dr's appointment will delay that for me this week. Dr's just don't understand. Now if Thursday bee were called my group meeting with a dr in charge, that would count.

What do you do to stay "sane"? Quilting gets me through everything. Emotionally, it's a stabilizer. Not to be confused with interfacing (online). Oh the puns and double meanings are just too easy. But working with fabrics is the best way for me to work things out.

I read a story once about a woman who's husband died.  She had made prize winning quilts through out her life.  When he died, she dyed all her beautiful quilts black.  I never understood that until my parents died.  I don't think I'll be dying anything black, but there are mourning quilts made.  I haven't seen too many of those.  I think they are kept out of sight by the makers.  It's just something they have made to help them get through a tough time. 

Most of the time we make quilts for weddings, babies, happier times.  Or just for warmth and be put on the walls to brighten up our walls.  Why do you make quilts?  I don't think I'll ever stop.... Outlet or income.... I just love working with fabrics and have a beautiful thing at the end. 

Try something new this year.  You might be surprised!  Patty

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