Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Sunday, January 20, 2013

two tries at the block exchange piece


this is after I worked on the fabric for Jane's bag! I love doing exchanges.  There are 8 of us doing bags.  All very different from each other!

The block exchange is for Ritzy Thimbles.  Very easy block.  Ends up being 16" square.  So you don't need a ton of them to make up a nice quilt.  With Modern quilting design using even few blocks on the top, then it should not matter how many you get, you can come up with something interesting!

At least the sun is out today!  We went to Panera's for bagels and coffee with the car friends.  I seem to be the only woman who shows up.  Fine with me.  These guys are really nice!  They all tell some funny stories too. 

I keep quilting on the two quilts that are in the frame and hoop.  I haven't had time to work on the sheep much.  I just have to mark on the calendar, TODAY you can quilt on your own stuff.  Either that, or I get wound up in others quilts and cleaning... well, sort of on that....but you have to rake the carpet once in a while, or it goes to dust. 

I have a couple of sayings on the board behind this computor.... "Stay Calm and Quilt", Plan to be surprised, "This could get loud."  Pretty good ones to make me smile.  I need to get some new ones!  Got any you want to share?  Patty

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  1. Hi Patty - I found some photos you shared with me ten years ago - will scan them in and send them along through e-mail. AND I do have a quilt getting ready to send to you for hand-quilting, if you want to do it. Hawaiian patch full-size - unfortunately in red and white! I'll try to use blues in my next one to you...I know you love blues and purples! It's always good for a change up -- I live in a hot dry part of Oahu, so warms tones suit me - Aloha and keep up the encouraging reports!