Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Saw batman's Mom today! 


Love bee and all my friends! We do laugh alot! Man do we all need it big time.

Melissa was there.  Her son has a batman tattoo on his chest!  And he's on the swim team!  So when she's watching him at a meet, she's known as Batman's Mom!  Too great!  All the women at bee are strong people.  And very creative! 

We are exchanging the bags for each other and adding great stuff to them!  Nancy has added a HUGE octopus to my bag!  WOW!  I have worked on 3 already, and brought home 2 others to work on.  I love them.  Got some cute ideas for some.  Gloria's is made from the yellow submarine fabric and the Beatles.  So I have a pair of gloves that can be the meanies that fly in the air!  Need to work on that. 

The other is Susan's and it's theme is Wild Women!  Bright and beautiful!  So I have a few ideas for that one too!  Do you like exchanges and challenges?  I think they get my creative juices flowing!

Well, yesterday was the rain and tornado watch, so I didn't go work out.  So today, I went and worked out.  Not my usual day.  And I'll go tomorrow morning and do my food shopping.  I also got my hair cut.  It was driving me crazy....I asked when I had been in last...14 weeks ago!  Unreal.  Just been nuts.  but I could swear I had been in just before Christmas.    Time seems to be zooming past.  I got too many quilts that I want to make!  I did get the Modern one marked and basted yesterday.    Would love to be quilting on that one.  But I have the baby quilt for one customer, and my sheep on the table now.  The one in the frame is so close to being done.. and I have 3 more waiting just for quilting and one to make from begining to end..... and a few more of mine... who needs to sleep. 

Saturday is the Modern quilt guild meeting.  I would like to get to that.  Then tuesday is SMQ's meeting.  Need to go to that.  Just stuff to hand in for bee.  What would I do without quilting? 

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!     Patty

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  1. I miss going to Thursday Bee with you guys! Hope everyone is fabulous there. All day I spent looking in on my husband as he puts his first quilt top together. He's finding out how complicated it can be, even easy tops! He's a real trooper and he LOVES your blog!