Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Aren't they cute!!! I love these frogs.  I did make 2 blocks, but they are still at home, so I don't know why they didn't get there for the block drawing.  Pat is going to donate this to Ronald MacDonald house.  Our guild gives quilts to them to give to any kid that ends up sick at the hospitals and their family is staying at the R.MacD house.  Great quilt for kids.  Don't you love the princess frog!

Bee was great today.  I got there at 10:30, which was a little late, but no one was there.  And no one else showed up until around 11am.  We always laugh so much.  There are plenty of people that are sick right we need the relief from all that the world it throwing at us. 

Tomorrow we are supposedly having freezing rain.  going to start at about 3am... so you know that rush hour will be terrible.  They have started to spray the roads with a brine solution.  Does help dissolve the ice on the road surface.  But I really don't know how well it will work against hours of freezing rain!  I don't mind being stuck inside!  I plan on it!  As long as I'm warm... but freezing rain, well you know the electrical lines could go down. 

Anyways.  Terry is out back again, moving around more downed trees.  Not sure why, but he feels that this needs to be done.... yard work in January?  He really needs to go back to work. 

The Bits and Pieces guild met yesterday.  They had one of the local quilt shops come with 3 different sewing machines.  they explained alot about the machines!  And her hubby does the cleaning and repairs, so he told us what to do and what NOT to do!!!  Very interesting.  I like having the guild meeting in the middle of the day.  This Saturday, the Modern quilt guild is meeting.  I want to go check that out.  As long as the roads are cleared by then!!!

What do you do when you can't get out of the house?  Does it bother you?  I had the end of my finger peel off today.  Sounds terrible, but it builds up such a heavy layer, and then it starts to come off... well, don't pull it.  It goes down into the sensitive skin and bleeds... and then you can't quilt!  It's pretty sore.  I'll soak it in peroxide later.  Then it should be ok tomorrow.  Can't believe it did that.  I do have another bag to work on in the exchange.  I'm having a good time doing these!  Allison loved the leaves.  On the other side, Susan put a bear on it!  Very cute!

Ok, here's the lastest saying I saw.... Wake up and be Awesome!  Don't you love it!  We all need to think positively about ourselves!  You are so worth it.  Patty

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