Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Friday, January 4, 2013

Hi Everyone...trying to add a picture with Terry's did I do?  Not bad... only taken 20 minutes and readding the picture several times..... Not sure if I can do this again and again... 

Ok, Terry is helping me figure out how to add in typed words with them in black not light blue and underlined. I have been working on these sheep for 3 days now. I really love the soft colors and the cute faces. Not hard to work on them. I don't have any part of it marked. I just look at it and add wavy lines or something else to enhance the section as I go. Makes it easy for me. Something changed in this program. And as long as I can figure out things with Terry's help... I'll keep blogging. I cancelled the account for extra picture storage. Forget it. They changed how things were working for me! Keep it Simple! Geeze. I'm no whiz at these things. Feels like I'm stumbling through rushing water with slippery rocks under my feet. So I can see why some people change their blog sites. Never understood that. Now I do. Make it difficult and the simple minded people go for something easier. Let's face it, I hand quilt. I love to write letters. (although my Christmas cards are still not all done....) I just want to have some fun talking about quilting and putting up some pictures of projects. So if I can still do this, then I'll be here. If it gets to be a bother, well.... I'll let you know! Patty

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  1. Hi Patty - How can you have so much trouble with transfering photographs? It's really easy, but it seems like you have unfortunate luck with the process. Still your photos are GREAT, so keep trying and hopefully it will just get easier... Love your work and your stories - Cindy