Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Here's the sheep that I have been working on! Slow but surely I will get this done this year! I just love the colors and the cute little guys!
This one was a kit by the Iron Maidens... and it was fun to do. I am going to sell this one and put the money towards the award from Thursday Bee in the up coming SMQ show. So if you are interested, email me and we'll talk.

  Terry is on a plane down to meetings. I have plenty of regular things to do, and meetings on Monday night. Guilds are fun, and there is a lot to help out with any of them. I'm just trying to get back onto an even keep around here. The holidays were suddenly here and I wasn't ready. Now that they are past, I feel like I'm picking up and picking up.

 It's the start of the year and time to get things checked at dr's and make sure this old body is going to keep chugging along. My birthday is in March, but as soon as the calendar goes up, I start to think about that.... like a beaver knaughing down trees. ( Is that how you spell Knaughing? Strange word, but it fits.) Well, I want to start something else to be playing with other pretty fabrics and colors. This year, I want to start all kinds of things. Then the last couple of months, I'll baste and quilt. Going to issue the challenge to a guild this month. Should be fun!!! Love challenges. Gets the creative juices flowing.

  So go! Create! Play around with all that fabric! CUT into it! You can do it. You know you will go get more!!!    Patty


  1. I think the word is "gnawing" - you're too funny! I've read through all your posts for 2012 and some for 2011. Boy, does it bring back memories! And it gets me inspired - so I picked up my "Hawaiian plant" applique squares and got back to work on one that has been waiting for a while. Goal: Complete the remaining six blocks (out of twelve), piece them together and send them back over to YOU to quilt!! I am so proud to have two of the quilts you did for me displayed in our bedroom and loft. Mahalo, sweet lady!

  2. Oh, and do say "Hello" and "Aloha" to folks at SMQ who might remember me... you guys are still deeply in my heart!