Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Getting started on the next quilt!  Can you see the star that will be in each 4 patch?  It takes me about 1 hour to quilt 4 blocks.  Not bad.  80 blocks...we'll see if it only takes 20 hours....

And to finish up 2012...I got the cross stitch piece done.  Will add my name and year to the bottom.  It turned out cute.  I like it with more colors in it than the pattern had called for. 

Here's a closer shot of all those little X's.  Lot of work in a small package.  Easy to carry around and work on.  Hardest part was picking out which color to put in different places. 
I had 2 samplers a long time ago that my Mom had found and bought.  She gave them to me and they sat in a box for years.  Then one woman came to pick up her quilt that I worked on, and we started to talk about samplers.  She collected them!  So I got out the box and she loved them.  I sold them to her.  One had a date of 1829 (?) or something in the 1800's.  She was going to frame them and enjoy them.  I thought that was more important than just hanging on to them.... Now I have one that I did and it means more to me.  So maybe I'll get this framed and hang it up. 
I don't like counted cross stitch as much as this stamped cross stitch.  You have to be so careful with counting, and I have always mis-counted on those.  Then you are taking things out to make it work right.  I don't do these very often.  I used to embroidar all the time.  Needlework is just fun. 
So start new projects!  Great new years resolution.  Why always try to make ones that are painful?  Make some that will be fun to keep!!  Go somewhere new.  Play with all that great fabric you have!  Start 10 new quilts a month.  Is it really that terrible if you don't get them all done?  Nay.  Give yourself permission to have fun.  Wave a "wand" and just go for it!  Last year, I got to go to the Porsche Master's driving school and I passed!!!  There were 2 or 3 guys who didn't!  Hee, hee.  I was the only woman in the class of 29 people.  (No waiting in the ladies room!) 
Not sure what I'll try this year!  Stay tuned.  We are planning on going over to visit Enid in England and maybe see something else over there.  Our friend in Scotland has invited us up there too.  Trips are so much fun.  The price of plane tickets has quadrupled!  So I'm watching those to see if and when they go down!!!! 
I want to make another fleece coat and all that goes with it.  And I hve so many quilts of mine that just need quilting.   So my hands will be busy!
Keep at it!  You are worth it!!!

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  1. I love the sampler! My mother has plenty of the cross-stitch samplers I sent her for Christmas time and again. I think I was sending one to her about every other year there for a while. She cherishes these little objects, thinking aout how I would be reminded of her with every stich, which indeed I did. They are priceless...

    And DO GO TO SCOTLAND if you get the chance this year. I spent a couple of three-week stints (June of 2003 & 2004) up in Kyle Lochalsh, near the Isle of Skye, scooting about in a Zodiac inflatable going to a place that had no raods, but plenty of trails and old homesteads. It was fun driving about on the 'wrong side' of the road, and at one point while driving along on the single lane trails in the country, my car was just about forced off a cliff into the Irish Sea by a local television personality known as "Teddy Nutkins" - ask you husband if he remembers this screwball. He was rather like Scotland's version of the Alligator Hunter whose claim to fame was getting his arm amputated as the result of an otter bite! Anyway, he just about was the death of me, flying over a hill at breakneck speed! Scotland is BEAUTIFUL and it was close enough to where my ancient clan lands were, I visited there to see why they left. I would have been on the boat right away, seeing that bleak landscape.

    I love your photos of quilts and travels - Keep it up, despite the challenge!