Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Abe Lincoln quilt top. This is for a customer/friend. She's going to hand quilt this one.

A finished 9 Patch from the class I taught about 1 year ago! It looks wonderful! She had some fasinating fabric to work with.  This group of women get excited about trying different techniques!

I will show more pictures tomorrow of the rest of the quilts that were shown at the meeting.

Right now there is flooding in East Tenneesseeee.  Get your boats!  Schools closed.  Not enough room in the canoes to get them all to the schools!

It's going to get colder, so all this will get icy.  Oh boy. Sit on the sides of the roads and watch the cars go sliding all over the place.  Don't drive if you don't have to in this yucky weather.  Or you will be taking time to fix that car and other stuff you slide into!  It's NOT worth it!  Take some time and stay home!  You know you want to!  Time to sew!!!!!

I bought 2 shirts the other day at the second hand store.  Each one had 6 zippers sewn to the front in a design.  They were too heavy to wear like that.  So I have been Carefully trying to take them off.  Nylon thread is hard to see and the zippers were sewn onto a web type fabric, which gets holes in it very easily... The shirts are cute without the zippers on them.  So I'm going to sew something else on where I have removed the zips.  Then they will be easier to wash too!  If you can't throw it into the machine and walk away, then I really don't want to have it.  Hand wash is a joke and time consumming.  I'm still taking them off the second shirt.....

Time to get dressed and start sewing.  I didn't want to wake Terry up this morning digging for clothes.  So I'm listening to the news and the rain and just enjoying the morning.  I guess if I drank coffee, I would get up and get going quicker.  But I don't see any need to hurry.  I never could stand the bitter taste of coffee.  I love the smell of it brewing.  Never could understand how so many people could drink it!  And you get free coffee everywhere, but have to buy water now!  Mmmm?  What's wrong with that picture!

So the new challenge for the guild is "things that go together."  Fun and Games, cats and dogs, milk and cookies, black and white.... getting the idea?!  should be fun!  Due in August's meeting.  Minumum size is 20" x 30"... They get to pick out what things they want to put onto a quilt!  I love it. 

Terry got "the call" to head back to work this weekend... so my pace will change then.  I get the same amount done, just slightly different timing.  More steady pace, and much slower.... but that's the way things have been for 30 something years! 


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