Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
Have plenty more castles!

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Still working on this one.  Almost half done!  Love it.

This is in the frame and been plugging away at this one too.  Need to switch seats to protect my back from going out of wack. 
Got in another quilt yesterday!  It's a lap quilt with skateboarders on it!  Will post a picture tomorrow.  Going to the quilt show in Asheville in an hour or so!  So plenty of pictures to show you!

The fun driving has taken place.  I'm hooked!  Love going fast on the track.  Will do more of that in the future! 
86...anyone know what that number means?  If you ever worked in a resturant, when they would run out of something, it was 86-ed.  So I'm out of it! 
(Ha, ha hahahahs)!  You have to laugh to get through all the world hands you.  So go have a laugh or at least a good giggle today!  Smile with friends and enjoy!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

2 days of intense driving!  The Porsche Master's driving school!  What a blast!  I was the only woman in the class this time.  So I had to keep up with the boys!  This is the skid pad where you learned about understeer and over steer and how to control it.  Mega fun...

The autocross is in 2 parking lots and you practice tight curves, fast paced.  2 second penalty for knocking over cones.  I lowered my speed with every lap the first day.  Second day in the timed team event, I did 7 seconds better.  Got to for the team!

These were down where we practiced SLAMMING on the brakes going in the corners full speed and feathering off as you got into the corners.  One instructor said to imagine a roach on the brake petal and you are going to get it smashed!  So I did!  Works every time!

Here's 3 in my group, Terry's in the middle.  The guy on the left was from Argentina, and lives in NYC.  On the right, Tom, lives up near Denver.  So people from all over the world come to take this course.

Here's the dining room for lunch in the bottom of the Motorcycle Museum.  Food was terrific!  And you can see, no other women.  Never had to wait for a restroom!

After lunch they would take you around the track in the vans to show you the line to drive....over and over again.  Got it down!  Then you start to pick up your speed.  If you are out of control, Daniel would say to brake.  You don't want to get to the accident faster!

Here's the pit line up.  You drove many different cars over the weekend.  Too much fun!
If you ever get a chance to take a driving school, DO IT.  You can learn so much about handling a car, that will help you on the road.  You learn how to handle situations, so you can stay safer.  I'm not as aggressive as the guys, but they had to work to get up to me to pass!
So now I'm home.  I'll go up to see the Asheville quilt show tomorrow and pick up my 2 quilts up there.  I didn't win a ribbon...that's fine.  I want to see the quilts!  That quild has so many great quilters in it!  And Linda Roy from SMQ guild took best of show!  Super!  I'll post pictures when I get back from that show.  Or go to Asheville Quilt Guild's website and see what they have posted.
Now it's time to get back to work.  I'll be able to sit still now.  Got plenty to think about with a big smile on my face!  Terry did pass me in the last session, but he had to work to catch me!  (Heee,hee,heeeee!)
So there will be racing themes in up coming quilts.  Can't help it.  That black and white checkered flag needs to be done!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

This weekend up in Asheville is their show.  My quilt will be there with the other that is the Ice Dragon.  Couldn't find a picture of it this morning.  Asheville's show is really good.  Well worth finding and enjoying!  I'll be there Sunday to see that show, then stay to pickup my quilts.  Should be alot of quilters there that I know. 
We are heading back to the track for a 2 day driving class!  Got to love going fast and under control.  We did just get our car insurance doubled!  Terry did get a ticket last year, and he lost the safe driver stuff off the policy.  Then they said that the state of TN raised the rates.  Guess there was too much hail damage that they have to cover!  Rats.  But really, double?  Unreal.  What you going to do?  They did check and there was a place that would have $200 lower, but you have to move your mortgage insurance too and that would go up $200.  So staying with this company, bite the bullet, and write the check.  Drive fast only at the track. 
I did get to quilt yesterday.  Felt good mentally!  Hands tired and sore today.  Getting out to the second edge on the double wedding ring one.  Need towork on the t shirt quilt.  Will get to that next week.  Got two shows to go to in Oct/Nov.  Yes!  Also need to weed some more... they don't quit.
So have some fun!  I am!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Not a single stitch all weekend!  Here we are at the track waiting to be checked in.  Doesn't that little car look great!!!  The blue painters tape on the front, keeps the rocks and grit from messing up the paint.  Do you know what the number 86 is all about?  You do if you have ever worked in a resturant!

Here's our setup.  Car all tucked in the night before.  The car gets to sit under the tent so it's more comfortable when we get in to drive on the track.

Morning!  Terry is uncovering the car.  He's the mechanic!  Does a great job!  We both had an instructor, but by the end of the weekend, Terry was "ok-ed" to drive without one.... I'll never get there!  I do have fun, but it's really hard work.

Here's the setup next to us!  18 wheeler takes the cars from one track to another while the guys who own the cars fly home for the week.  They are from Canada.  We got to meet them.  Amazing setup in that rig.

Across the way, these guys had a car carrier that brought in 3 of the cars.  They were in the Novice group and blew me off the road most of the time.  By the end of sunday, they did have to work harder to catch me! 

Here's Terry at the begining of  the line, taking off.

going up to the 5 corner....

Now all the way around the track.  You get 30 minute sessions.  But after 20, I was worn out!  Constant consentration....

This was one morning down there.  It was beautiful. 
So?  I didn't quilt at all, like being on a different planet.  No one even understood about quilting.  There were only 2 other women driving that weekend.  A few were walking around.  But most guys said that their wives don't understand this driving thing.  I love it!  Terry let me drive first, and the instructor couldn't get over that!  So we had a blast.
Going back down this week for a driving class!  Just to have fun! 

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Ok, yesterday Terry had his yearly physical.  Guess he's ok.  Isn't if funny with dr's now a days...if nothing is wrong, all you get is a bill.  If something is sort of wrong, the nurse calls.  If something is really, really wrong, you have to talk with the dr to find out what's going on.  No news is good news and a bill...

Today I had a colonoscopy.  Isn't getting old fun?  You get pokes and prodded in ways you never could have imagined at a younger age, like 10 years ago.  Good news, no cancer or problems....still... there is something going on in my system (nice way to put it).  Just can't figure out what the hell it is!  And so goes the way of medicine.  Dr's are either afraid to do tests or tell you anything, or the insurance companies don't think you need certain things.  And you feel crummy. 

Ok, that's my rant.  I don't get them too often, do I?  You can only sit and quilt for so long before the little pains get bigger and they need attention.  I can remember my Mom always saying "It'll go away."  Mmmm?  Is that like "It'll quilt out."? 

Didn't get to quilt today and we'll be busy for several days.  Going driving at the track!  I'll have pictures of that!  It's just too much fun.  Lots of prep work, but I think we have it all organized by now.  Just can't find the first aid kit.  Terry does get cut up working on the car.  I need to have bandages handy.  Got some Snoopy ones!  He doesn't like to have those on at the track around the other guys.  I'm a big kid at heart and love those! 

So keep quilting while I'm away!  Cut up more fabric and start a project a day!  What could be more fun than that....well, driving....but I'd be home quilting otherwise!


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Here's what I was working on today.  2 1/2 hours on this one.  Down to the first corner.  Coming along nicely!

About 1 1/2 hours on this one.  From the middle out to the first edge.  It's looking great!

And this!  Not sure how long I took on this.  Still trying to add strips to it and keep the log blocks off kilter.  Working on a name for it too.  Wonky logs?  Log jam?  Twist and Shout?  Earthquake? 
It was raining hard yesterday and today. I'm fine with staying inside and giving the weeds a break!  Finger is healing and turning back to the right color too.  Slowly getting things together for the trip.  I sit and quilt and things come to mind that I have to take with me.  So I go get them, then sit and quilt some more.  Eventually, I get packed. 
Power went off and on again around 5pm.  It happens more than it used to.  Not sure if the trees have just grown more or if people are using more power so there's more failures.  Used to play chess with Mike when the power would go out.  Good game for that.  You don't need much light.  It takes a long time to play a game.  And it's not on a computer.  I could live without power.  I have two foot petal sewing machines!  One is a White brand.  I haven't ever played around with that one.  The other had been my Aunt Gertrude's.  She got it from her mother (my grandmother).  That had been a wedding present to her.  So it's been in the family for 3 generations.  It's in a beautiful cabinet that goes all the way to the floor.  I haven't ever seen another like it.  So I'll get the camera in the other room one day and show you what it looks like.  Gert made all her clothes on that.  Even the gowns she wore to the Opera.  She had lived close to NYC and went to the Rockfeller Center to all kinds of things.  So clothing making has been in the family forever. 
I want to make more quilted clothing soon.  Haven't made any of that in a long time!  Those are just fun to wear at guild meetings and to shows.  My hubby used to say to me, "Can't you wear something less quilty?"  Ok, so he got me a new coat one Christmas.  It's a chocolate brown, very plain coat.  I look at it as a blank canvas!  Could add some really fun colors to that!  (Wouldn't he just die!)
What if Zebras were Green?
Sometimes all you need is 20 seconds of insane courage!
Ok, I have been inside all day! 

Sunday, September 16, 2012


No weeds!

Gone from this section....

The tall ones with the fluffy tops are weeds!  Tallest stuff in there!  I did pull those out.

And they fought me!  Don't know what I did, but the finger was a pretty color when I was done.

Plenty more to go....

And weeds, and the lilies are covering up the little bushes....

And way more in the other garden beside the driveway.  And these are all in the front of the house.  Got a bigger one in the back and 3 more smaller ones in the backyard.  I really don't like gardening....
Most of the quilting I'm doing is the same thing on the 2 quilts that are in a frame and hoop.  It takes time to get through them, and there isn't much to show right now. 
Monday night is the guild meeting in Oak Ridge.  Always fun.  Dr's appoint on thursday, so I'll miss bee.... not fun.  Then we are going out of town to drive at the track this weekend!  Back then to the driving school next week!  It's the master's driving course!  Very Fun! 
Then up to the Asheville quilt show on the 30th!  That is a good show to go see, and I'll stay to pick up my quilts. 
So?  What just happened to September?  Flew past.... Have some stuff lined up for October.  Not too many plans for the last 2 months of the year, but it feels like it's gone already.  Just keep quilting!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Ah, Man...I'm tired.  Only a couple of hours of quilting today, and 2 1/2 hours in the garden.  I'm so worn out!  One section of the garden looks ok in the front.  Two more sections to go in the front and 4 in the back.  I might not make it!  There are so many weeds.  I did pull out the 4' high ones on the side.  Still plenty more of the ground cover left to pull out.  The soaker hose in one place has been chewed through.  Critters probably trying to get to the water.  So there's another job to do next year.

Mulching will have to wait until more weeds have been taken out.  Need a flame thrower more than ever.  The knuckle on my right hand, 3rd finger is a pretty odd color.  Just don't know when I hurt it! 

Tomorrow will be another day where we go get errands done in the morning and I'll have another crack at the weeds.  I did take the before pictures.  But I got so little accomplished, that I'll wait before I take the "after" shots and show you the comparison.  Just so much to get done.

Ritzy Thimbles will meet on Monday night!  I want to dig out the quilts for show and tell.  "Press Any Key" is going and the one for the customer that I finished.  Tone will be the speaker!  Cool.  Wonder what she is going to talk about. 

Well, got to go vegg out or take a nap before going to bed!  Patty

Friday, September 14, 2012

Today felt like Saturday.  Don't know why.  Just did.  Trying to sit and quilt.  Hubby needed to go to Home off we went.  That's usually a Saturday thing. 

Tomorrow I have to weed!  When we brought home the 2 x 4's and carried them around the house to the workshop, I noticed that some of the weeds in the side garden were 4 feet tall!  Ok, I really do need to get out there with a flame thrower or bull dozer.  But that's for this weekend.  Why can't my good plants grow that well?  I will try to get a before picture and the after picture.  And have a beer afterwards.  I only drink a beer after garden work.  Which explains why I only have about 2 beers a year.

Another quilt came to me to be worked on!  Love that.  And it'll have to wait.  Worked 3 hours on the double wedding ring today.  Just love sitting there quilting with a movie playing on the DVR.  I have started to write that story.  It's cute and probably boring, but at least I started something different.  Need to add something about quilts or quiltng in it.... rewriting already. 

Y'all ahve a good weekend!  I'll have dirt under my nails soon enough.  Patty

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Been working on this one.  Turning out very nice.  Soft colors are easy on the eyes. 

When you make color choices for the quilting threads and where to use them...make a chart!  Helps me keep from getting mixed up.

This is what my hubby finished making.  He's waiting on the glass doors to come in.  It's the entertainment center for downstairs.  It's too heavy to ever be stolen...

This is the one he made for upstairs!  LOVE IT!!!  No feet!  It's attached to the wall, so you can vacuum under it very easily!  Very cool.

This is the first one he ever made 28 years ago.  We want to get rid of it.  The top right side lifts up for a record player.  Yes we still have that.  So if you want it, all you have to do is come get is on wheels, but is also very heavy.  Red Oak. 
We are getting ready for the remodel of the 2 bathrooms and the 3 bedrooms.... ugh.  It'll be great.  That is my new montra....  "It'll be great, it'll be great."  We went and looked at sinks and faucets today.  If Terry is making the cabinets before we get to the tearing out part, then you have to know which sink you are going to put in the cabinet.  Designs are you well know in quilt making.  Wood is so much harder to do.  You can not stretch it to fit if it's too short.  And you can't take any off a cabinet if it's too big. 
I was surprised at the designs of sinks.  Happily surprised.  I bring the practical aspects to the table.  I want to be able to clean around it easily.  So it will have to have space around it that is easy to get to.  I love the faucet that you just touch to turn on.  Great idea.  Want that!  Toilets are using much less water...ok....tubs looks huge!  Not what I want.  I usually take showers and have to step over the side of the tub...and my leg lifting for the olympics is over.  So shorter is good.... And those handrails are starting to look like a good idea.  When did I get so damned old?  Well, the day I did fall down the stairs. 
I did go get my hair cut today.  I have one more box of color for that.  Then I'm thinking I might just stop doing that too.  Tired of that once a month.  The girl cutting my hair said I could switch to highlighting  while it's growing out.  I'm thinking that hat weather is coming up.  If I wear a hat for 6 months, and then, TA DA, the gray will appear after hibernation.  There's a plan.
Funny how somethings stop bugging you after a while. 
Take a deep breath!  It'll be great.  If it's not great, then you're not at the end.

Monday, September 10, 2012

This is a baby quilt I did a long time ago!  Went back through my pictures and found these.  The feet were 3D.  Just a cute little quilt!

And now a couple of close ups!  The duck...



and Dog....

These were spirit dolls!  We did them in an exchange in Bee.  It was so fun to decorate other peoples dolls!  Mine was the blue one!  There were about 8 in all.  You made the body and they got passed around and added onto. 

This is one of the many t shirt quilt tops that I have constructed!  I have done somewhere between 15 and 20.  Totally lost count.  Then the tops have to be taken to someone who has the large quilting machine to be finished.  Now I have one  of my own...and it never got quilted.  I just sewed on the backing.  Not a big deal.  I should tie it, but haven't had the time...or the inclination at this point.  the top and the back do slide around, but it's easy enough to straighten out. It's also warm enough without any batting inthere. 
Started quilting on the beachy one.  It's going to be cute! 

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Basted!  This one will be done in a hoop on the table.  Good size for that.  Marked in foot prints, dragonflies, lizzards, and seashells.

this is in the frame.  Just got started on the quilting an hour ago.

What do you think?  Can you see where I have quilted and where it is just marked?

Little easier to see at an angle.  Quilting in the ditch on either side of the rings.

I didn' use a flash because then you wouldn't see the quilting at all.  Tomorrow I can take a picture it in the sun light.
Week went by quickly!.  My hands are tired after all this basting and now starting the quilting.  Had plenty of errands to run and other things to do.  Garden still needs weeding, and the house still needs vacuuming... shucks, I just need help! 
Appointments tomorrow and Wednesday.  Dinner out on Tuesday... Just want a break from all the "have-to's".  when is winter?  Coming ....trees are starting to get color in the leaves!  Weather should be in the 50's tonight!  Need to find another blanket...Mmmm?  Must be one or two around here somewhere!  I don't use quilts on the bed.  Terry comes in and puts dirty clothes on there!  So why get a quilt dirty!  
Dryer is acting out... won't always dry clothes... Now there is moisture dripping from the tubing that takes the air outside...shouldn't be doing that.  We just cleaned it out!  Or maybe we really plugged it up!  Great.  Need to take it apart and see.  Then call about the dryer.  Always something needs attention around here. 
Take care, Y'all. 
There will be drama.
It could get loud.
Stay calm and quilt.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Tuesday night was the guild meeting and we went around to tables to see some different techniques and ideas.  It was great to see what other memebers are doing!  Crazy quilting with embroidary was Lucy Bobb.  She does fantastic work!!!

Here's one piece that she had there for us to see different stitches. 

Laura was showing how to do a kind of stack and wack.  This takes 4 layers to make blocks.  I really want to dig out some larger prints from my stash and play around.... yea...right after I finish the other 50 million projects I have going!

Becky was showing how to transfer things from paper to fabric with a simple orange cleaner.  You just paint it on to the back of the paper with the fabric underneath.

She had the papers printed out from a laser printer.

Mmmm?  These pictures didn't come across in order.  More stack and wack.... Very cool!

this is the orange cleaner stuff!  I took a picture because I knew I wouldn't remember the name!  Terry told me we do have a laser printer, so I can see playing around with this!

Then she took National Geographic magazine pages and coated them with that orange stuff, layered the pages, and hung them up to drip, and dry.  That's what they look like after!  Very cool!  Then you can write on them or use them to wrap things up.

And here's a quilt top that I have in to quilt up!  LOVE IT!  My kind of colors.  It's big!  94 x 105".  So I'll get it basted this weekend and put it in the frame.  I have the 2 to quilt for customers.  And thousands of mine to keep me busy.
Quilt show in Asheville the end of this month!  I have sent off my 2 entries.  Not sure I will get any awards, but I love to go see them hanging up and check out the other quilts!
I am going to the track in a couple of weeks to drive our turbo!  WHEEEEEEE!!!!  That's a blast!  Then the next week, Terry and I are taking the Master's driving class.  I am starting to keep up with the guys.... Still feel like the smallest dog out there running, but I "got off the porch" and I'm running with the big dogs!
Life is getting much better.  Been a crazy year so far.  I'm looking forward to a long winter of staying in side!  Love to get snowed in and just quilt.  I do have to do some weeding soon.  The gardens all look totally over grown and terrible.  Yuck.  Great the plants are alive, but you have to pay so much attention to them.  thinking about getting lots of fake plants and sticking them out there!  Or paint murals of plants on the side of the house!  Much more practical.  I do love plants....just not all the fuss that goes with them.  I always figured that, it's green and it's growing....but the weeds are taking over!
Laugh, play and enjoy!  Bee was a blast today.  I did have to go get tires on my car.  Had a nail in one... so had to get a pair to keep the wear even on the back.  Stupid roofing nails get into my tires all the time.  So bee was a relief.  And the little cafe there has GREAT chicken salad sandwiches!  Doesn't take much to keep me tires, friends, quilting, and chicken...