Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Friday, December 21, 2012

Wow...2 days have zoomed past.  I have had plenty to do and just kept at it.  Presents wrapped.  Check.  Thursday Bee's Christmas party, check.  Fun!  Laugh!  Eat! Check.  Isn't that what parties are for!  Saw a couple of women that haven't been around too much in the past year.  Their lives have been busy too.  Women really are the backbone of society.  And quilting keeps my bunch of friends together! 

Quilted today on the double wedding ring.  Soooo close to the end I can see it!  2 more rings to go!  Need to finish assembling the Abe Lincoln quilt top.  Then get the next one ready to go into the frame.  Needs marking and basting. 

I will be taking time during Christmas week to work on my things.  Think it's only fair.  It's time off for me in a way.  No pressure to do something the way someone else wants it done.  I have so many quilt tops waiting to be quilted....I may just pull one of those out and either baste it or start quilting.  I figure, if I have it started, then I won't lose the idea.  So many ideas have faded away.  I have baskets and (fake) books that hold ideas and little sketches.  When I have time, I sit down and go through them.  Usually just to refresh my memory on what's waiting to be done.  And reshuffle them. So I don't mind getting snowed in during the winter.  I figure those are "free" days to do what I want.  If you couldn't get to work because of snow, you would do that.  Since I work at home, I don't skip work too often.  But I do make sure to schedule in time for my own things.  Or else you do go bonkers. 

I took my camera to the party and forgot it was in my purse.  It was pouring rain all day, I mean POURING rain, so I had other things to worry about.  And I ate too much.  Man, those women can fix great food!  Thanks to all of them for keeping me fed. 

I have been taking a cross stitch piece to bee to work on.  It's alot of work in a small bag.  I decided to do my own colors in it.  Love the way it's coming out.  So tomorrow I'll take a picture of that and post it.  I used to embroidare and stitch all the time.  My clothes were covered back in the 70's.  I started making more clothes to have more spaces to decorate!  And then there were scraps... which lead to the quilting!  So sometimes I like to pick up the floss and put some stitches on something! 

Weather got very cold again.  Can't stand it.  Damp and sooo windy.  Goes right through you.  So maybe it's time to make another fleece coat.  Thinking about making it about 6" longer and 2 layers of fleece this time.  I just get cold so quickly now.  I had to gas up the car today, and my hands hurt so badly afterwards.  I get a pair of garden gloves when they go on sale at the end of summer.  Keep those in the car to use when getting gas.  Then if they smell like gas, well, I haven't ruined my good gloves.  Then next summer, I take them out of the car and use them for my 2 hours of gardening that year!  (and that was my helpful hint for December!)

Hope you all are ready for this Christmas thing.  I just want to take it easy and enjoy being inside.  I do like driving around at night and seeing the houses lit up!  Ho, ho, HO! 

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