Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
Have plenty more castles!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

What day is it?  I'm lost...been cutting out more cupcake potholders.  They are cute!  Fabric is backwards in these shots.  Just got to sew them up.  Presents for people I know.

And there's a pile!

I found this on facebook, where you make the little bunny and put a tag on it asking to be taken home.  Then you leave them around for people to find.  They do say in their blog not to leave them in airports or shops where they would be mistaken for merchandise.   Makes sense.  People are getting way too paranoid.  But these would be so cute to leave around for people to find and just have a bunny to take home!

Got my goodies ready for the next guild meeting next week.  I also wrapped up presents to be mailed to England to relatives.  That has to get taken to the post office soon! 

Here's last night's guild meeting.  I was busy talking and didn't get too many pictures.

Merikay finished this one.  It has fabrics from Japan in it.

This is for the quilts of Valor.  The pictures doesn't do it justice.  It was beautiful.

There's a baby quilt and the doll quilt to match.

This one is almost all done.  Needs the borders on it. 
Plenty of cupcake potholders to sew up for presents.  Tomorrow is bee and I want to go to just sit!  The irrigation system is in!  Too cool to see all those sprinklers run!  The timer has more memory than I do right now!    So that starts to water around the house at 3am.... Too cool!  That should scare some of the critters away! 
Are you ready for Christmas?  I did find the stockings.  And some lights were beside them.  Nothing much else that I put up.  I like to set up the cards that we get.  Nice to see the cards adn all the art work on them. 

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