Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Saturday, December 22, 2012

This is the cross stitch piece that I'm still working on!  It was a kit I got at a yardsale for about $1.  It only had 3 shades of blue floss.  Not enough color for me.  So I dug though all the floss I have, which is alot, and picked out some fun colors.  One year for Christmas, my parents went into a craft shop that was closing.  Now the more floss you got, the cheaper it was per skein.  So my Mom says, "I'll take all you have left!"  Must have been a couple hundred skeins!  Some odd colors, but I'm good.

Here's the double wedding ring quilt.  2 rings left!  Got to move it in the frame in a minute.....

I want pictures of Calvin and Hobbs funny ones.  There is a quilt pattern of snowmen to do in red floss.  Well, I'm a blue person, so will do them in blue.  But I want to draw my own funny snowmen! 

Or cute ones!  Isn't he wonderful!  I need to learn felting.  I have some of the things for that.....but the time hasn't been around to get into this.

These are some actual snowmen made from Calvin's cartoons.  Love it!

I saw this on facebook!  I think these should be put out and around for new years eve.  I'm getting better at copy and paste! 
So?  Anyone still make resolutions?  Does anyone make ones that they will actually keep longer than 4 to 6 weeks?  So why not make something that you will like and want to do.  Like try new techniques.  Take more classes.  Get out that pretty fabric and play with it once a month.  You never know until you try!  Patterns are just a starting point.  You don't have to follow them from start to finish.  You can change so many things!!!
I also saw a thing that you can do.  Get a jar, and write down when something good happens or makes you happy through out the year.  Then put that slip into the jar.  At the end of the year you can read all the good stuff.  Too much  is negative out there.  Let's stress the good things for a change!  Come on!  What else do you do to make it more fun? 
Just make an extra 8 x 10" piece when ever you have the scraps left on the table from a project.  You can save that to give to someone when they are having a tough time.  It's more personal then a card, and will brighten up their day.  I call them magic quilts.  You can hug them and take them along to make you feel better.  Small quilts are wonderful gifts.  They fit into manilla envelopes...easy to mail. 
Well, got to get sewing.  The day has been busy and I haven't gotten any sewing done yet!
Chocolate first...
Y'all have a Merry Christmas and lots of fun ripping open packages.
Hug those that are there.
Call those who aren't there. 
Love everyone.
Practice random acts of quilting.

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