Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Pictures of more projects that have been done!  I quilted up this skateboard quilt, 42" x 56".  Great for a guy.

Block for a Christmas party at a quilt guild! 

Dragon bag #3...

Other side. 

And the city got around to fixing the whole sign.

The gingo tree holds it's leaves and then drops them in a 2 day thing.... so you can see the leaves on the ground.  It's across the street from my sewing room.

Dragon vest back...

front panels to the vest.


Hat that I adopted and added sewing charms!

This was bag #2... Very big.  2 bottle pockets and an 8" base.

Other side with a big pocket for snacks when traveling.  They don't feed you hardly anything on a plane, so I'm going to make sure I don't get hungry after running to catch a flight.  AND I mean, RUN!

And in a couple of years, I'll be under the table.

Don't you love this idea!?  I have been finding things on facebook, and other blogs.  Figured out how to copy/paste!  Now I have a folder with ideas in it when I can't find the blog again!
Got another customer over here today and we picked out fabrics for a baby quilt.  Started to cut this one out!  primary colors and a darker night sky for the back ground.  Think I need to take pictures of the progress of this one.  Simple design with 4 patches.  But it'll be nice for a boy, and a bit bigger than a crib quilt so he'll be able to use it longer. 
Mmmm?  Christmas is coming around again.  just like every year.  And I'm not ready at all.  I did shop on Amazon, but you have to pick subjects to have things come up.  Can't just ask it to find something for the guys... and I don't know what to get this year.  They are into electronic stuff and I could only get a case for them.  So I'm plodding through it this year. 
Found the Modern Quilt Guild in Knoxville!  Their first meeting is the 8th, and I already made plans to go with a friend and try to Christmas shop.  Which I really need to do.  It just isn't fun this year. 
Well, I'm practicing my machine quilting on a couple of smaller projects that are on the wall.  Nothing big so it's easy to push around on the table.  Has a cat!  So I can't show this one yet because one is for a friend who reads this!!!  (Hi Karen!)  I'm getting better at this machine quilting.  Still, love the hand quilting much better.
I moved the Christmas stockings out of an old wash stand with the intentions of selling the wash stand.  But no one seems to want antique furniture.  And now I can't find the stockings!  It's going to be one of those holidays.   I also have a White foot pedal sewing machine to sell....anyone?  And a quilt rack to hand quilts over .  Just need to clear some things out before we get around to redoing the bedrooms. 
We don't really own things.  We are mearly the next to take care of them. 

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