Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
Have plenty more castles!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Ok!  Starting another one for a customer.  Not bad.  I love the bright colors....

Got the dark sashing in there and will add that around for the borders.  Need to find out the batting she wants.

I have been machine quilting.  Doing fair.  Better.  Tension is good this time.  But need alot more practice.

Guess what this it the start of?  Not toast...but cupcake potholders!  They are so cute!

There is the top that will be the chocolate ones.

And outside my window....

Not gophers....

irrigation system being put in!  Ok, I wasn't thrilled at first....or second.  But the thought that I don't have to drag a hose and sprinkler around it a wonderful thought.  It'll be all automated with a rain gauge and everything!  So I won't have to turn in on and off either!  Now if I could get that vaccum to do that!  No, I don't want a little robot thingy.  And I would be happy to find the toilet seat down too.  We even got the seat that has some kind of thing that slowly lowers the seat if you just get it started....but there's no start button on my hubby.

Lots of trenches, and there will be 2 more days and a larger crew to do the backyard.  The animals making holes down there will either move away or move in.....

Here's a piece that I was just playing around doing the stack and wack technique.  kind of fun, and super easy.

I read alot of blogs, and this was on one of them.  You make these little fleece bunnies then leave them anywhere for people to find and take home!  Random acts of kindness!!!  So make bunnies and send them out into the world.  Check out the for more information.

Aren't they cute!!!
So what are you making for Christmas presents?  I'm starting alittle later than usual so mine will have to be easy, simple and fun.  Especially fun.  Cupcakes and bunnies... that's good!   (I'm sure as hell not going to help dig trenches out there!)

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